Planning For Cheap Car Shipping Services  

For car shipping companies to supply quotes for services, the carrier will need to have details like the car type, how far the car will travel, and the transport method you prefer. A truck or SUV will cost more than a standard car, as will a classic or luxury auto.  

The further the carrier will need to go to deliver the auto, the higher the price, and the route will make a difference. If the driver is on an open road, the price will be less compared to complex or out-of-the-way territory.  

You’ll also pay much more if you want an enclosed transport method instead of an open-air trailer. The enclosed method can cost as great as 50 percent more or higher. Many factors contribute to how much you pay and the amount you can save on car shipping services. 

In order to see cheap car shipping prices, it takes careful planning with flexibility in vehicle pick-up and delivery, and the transport method. It’s also essential if you have more than one vehicle to select the smallest of the two for auto transport if you intend only to ship one. 

What Is the Best Way to Get Cheaper Car Shipping Services 

Over the last few years, energy prices have been soaring, with transport truck driver diesel costs being one of their primary biggest expenses, increasing the costs for trucking, including auto transport expenses. Cost isn’t the only thing to factor in when considering car shipping.  

Many other variables are critical. Some things you won’t have much control over, including the distance you need the driver to travel to the destination or the size of the car. If you have a couple of vehicles and are only transporting one, the recommendation is to ship the smallest. 

It’s also suggested to book before your departure date, as far as a month. This will reserve a spot with the carrier and allow a better opportunity for the date and time you need the auto delivered. 

  • The time of year can have a significant effect on the prices 

The peak and off-peak seasons with auto transport significantly affect the costs. When the car owner needs to move a car near a peak time of the year, the price will be higher, and this can range from “April Through September.” The snowbirds have specific times they move during the year, in the spring and fall. 

If you know well ahead that you’ll need to book a transport, it’s wise to reach out to a shipper early to save on the shipping. It’s also wise to be flexible with your dates if you can. Suppose you don’t have a specific date that your car has to be there; push back the date or move it forward to save some costs. 

  • The smaller the vehicle, the greater the savings 

With car shipping, the larger and heavier the vehicle, the greater the expense. Trucks and SUVs are considerably more expensive than a compact car. If you have more than one car but intend only to ship one, it’s wise to choose the smaller of the two if possible. 

In that same vein, if you have two vehicles that are comparable in size, the price difference won’t be that much different. Two relatively similar SUVs will likely cost roughly the same and take up about the same amount of space in the carrier when loading. 

  • An open transport trailer over the enclosed method 

The open transport trailer and the enclosed method are the two options most auto transport companies offer for car shipping services. Either is relatively safe and secure for shipping; however, the enclosed carrier adds a layer of protection and will provide “white glove” services that go with the premium transport. 

Enclosed trailers are closed containers where the vehicle has no exposure to outside threats. These are roughly 40-50 percent more expensive than the open method due to the protection and premium services. For “daily drivers,” it doesn’t make sense to use an enclosed trailer for that price point.  

These trailers are usually reserved for luxury vehicles or classic, rare cars and motorcycles.  

The open method is the favored and affordable choice, with most car owners choosing it as their transport method with minimal difficulty, hassle, or damage in transit.  

Traditional autos used for daily traffic, including a commute, chores, or standard driving, usually do well when transported on an open trailer; it makes more sense than the enclosed method. 

Final Thought 

It’s recommended to book early when planning an auto transport, to allow some flexibility, and communicate with the car shipping service to learn where you can save. 

One of the primary decisions will be the car you transport, its size, and whether it’s operational. A small-size vehicle that functions will cost less than a large, heavy truck or SUV.  

A car that doesn’t function will typically cost more due to the equipment involved in loading it. Some carriers won’t take nonfunctioning vehicles.  

As a rule, most people will choose either open or enclosed transport to ship their auto. The most popular and affordable choice is open transport, particularly for daily drivers. The enclosed trailers are usually reserved for luxury or classic and rare vehicles; these are exceptionally more expensive. 

Shipping a car is a cost-efficient choice compared to driving a considerable distance when considering your fuel, food, and lodging. If you have a drive of over a ten-hour time span, auto transport makes sense. 

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