Pak Suzuki’s Online Used Car Gala Comes to Lahore

With COVID cases rising and lockdowns being implemented once again, visiting the market and buying cars seemed not just risky but also impossible. This is when Pak Suzuki came up with an unconventional plan to help buyers find used cars for sale in Pakistan. It’s held an Online Used Car Gala in Lahore, where the buyers can see used cars for sale.

This is not the first time Pak Suzuki has held this Online Used Car Gala. In fact, this Used Car Gala has been held every year since 2011 albeit a walk-in one. After the pandemic, Pak Suzuki introduced an online version of the event, which was held in Karachi, back in April during the third wave of COVID. The event turned out to be a huge success as more than 60+ used cars were sold.

Now, with the fourth wave of COVID in Pakistan, Pak Suzuki decided to help Lahorites by bringing this Gala to them. The event took place online on 6th, 7th, and 8th July. Buyers were free to check used cars from the comfort of their homes.

How can buying a Used Car Online be safe?

One of the most common concerns for buyers was the transparency of the deal and the condition of the car. Pak Suzuki solved this problem for its customers by certifying each vehicle by its trusted engineers. Everything from the body frame, engine/transmission, and brakes, to the interior, electric, and tires, was checked. The authenticity of the documents was also verified beforehand.

To further ensure the transparency of the deal, Suzuki provided a one-year warranty for every car on sale. This warranty covered the engine, transmission, as well as suspension of the car. How better can it get than this? But wait, there’s more. Buyers were provided 3 free services for the car(s) they bought.

What was the procedure for buying a car?

To check out used cars for sale on the online Gala, aspirants had to go to on the mentioned date and time. They then had to select the model and go through the cars available.

If they found a particular offer attractive, they were free to contact the numbers provided. Before that, they were advised to look through every corner of the car using the 360-Degree feature. A live call option with the dealer was also available.

The deals were held under the supervision of an Authorized Suzuki 3S dealer. This removed any room for fraud, hesitancy, or dissatisfaction.

Used Car Financing

Lastly, Pak Suzuki also extended their used car financing scheme to this Gala. Used car buyers were provided the option of financing their purchase for up to 7 years at a KIBOR + 3% rate. Buyers could request a per month-installment plan for their desired car. Furthermore, Pak Suzuki along with its partner insurance company provided a free 1st year Takaful waiver.

Summing Up

This was huge for used car aspirants who normally do not have access to these comforts. Pak Suzuki has gone way overboard to ensure that buying used cars in Pakistan becomes convenient, transparent, and orderly.

It seems like Pak Suzuki is following through with its 3 core objectives; user-friendly platform; quality used cars certified by Pak Suzuki Engineers and lastly, transparency. Used car in Pakistan have always been a hot market but buyers faced a lot of hurdles and sometimes, fraud.

With initiatives like these, Pak Suzuki has already taken a lead in the used car market in Pakistan. And from the positive response from buyers, we can guess that the strategy is already working.

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