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You may have often seen site trafficking when you search for particular products or services. It may sometimes create problems or hassle when you are in a hurry. To get away from such problems, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists maximize the trafficking problem to a site by analyzing, implementing and reviewing changes. There is a company known as Orange County SEO, which provides high-quality SEO strategies.

In other words, you can define it as the job to bring the website to the top of the search engine results. It is the role of an SEO specialist how they have brought a chance in today’s date, which was a little different before. It requires a whole new skill set now, which was not much available back then. They make decisions and solve the problem by developing relevant content with the ability to prioritize. It helps in increasing the value of relevant content by including phrases and keywords in it.

SEO specialists have various testing search engine marketing techniques, advertising techniques and website layouts. They can solve problems easily by knowing the importance of internal links. They understand copywriting of SEO, can analyze websites for improvements, have good knowledge of researching keywords and work as a better communication system between various departments.

A person directly cannot become a specialist. It requires a minimum experience of at least one to three years on the website. With the advancement of technology and with the development of digital marketing in India, the benefits of SEO are gradually being understood by people. The main function of SEO in the online marketing world acts as a powerful marketing strategy.

It focuses to reach the targeted customers by increasing the products and services of the business. It serves as a primary objective for potential customers who search for particular products online using popular search engines or Google. Various website optimization strategies are implemented to ensure the company ranks at the top.

Role of SEO

  1. Increases traffic: Having the effort of SEO, helps in gaining a specific place for the website by the result of search engines. There is a great interconnection between the search engine and SEO as it helps in increasing the number of visitors to the website.
  2. Boots brand awareness: As SEO and search engine are interrelated; it helps in increasing focus by promoting awareness of the brand. As services and products are reached by most people by visiting your website, it helps in getting the brand good exposure by learning about it properly.
  3. Website optimization improves the user experience: SEO serves in improving web pages and web content by enhancing the experience of users with high-quality website content.
  4. Creates inbound leads promoting sales: It results in promoting sales when visitors reaching your website become potential customers. They start searching for particular products or services, which generally leads to high traffic on the website.
  5. Page load faster: SEO plays an important role in loading web pages faster. As a result, it helps visitors to stay on the previous website without switching to the second one as you can find the content faster.

Vital components of SEO

  1. Website names and URLs: Website names and URLs must contain keywords which can help you to search easily. If you are searching for a particular service, it helps in increasing the website’s relevance which can result in a ranking in a good search engine.
  2. Page content: If you want to generate back links from high-authority websites, high-quality contents help in many ways. It helps in getting high ranks by increasing website traffic on the web page as a result of search engines.
  3. Meta tags: Meta tags are considered to be a vital component as it gives an idea about the content of the website to the search engines. It helps in providing information about the web page to the visitors.
  4. Links characteristics: Natural links, internal links, manually obtained links, external links and self-created links are the five types of links that are important for SEO. A link for SEO should be innovative, informative, reliable, useful, descriptive and brief.
  5. Accessibility and usability: A particular website’s accessibility and usability measures how easily you can use a website, and how easily a website can be accessed by disabled and normal people. Usability and accessibility are considered to be vital components of SEO.
  6. Page design: The very first impression that attracts users to the website is the design of the page. It helps to rank higher the result of search engine and website optimization.

Best SEO Chrome extensions

You have seen a vast majority of people using Google as the search engine and spending a lot of time on SEO services for Google. Orange County SEO helps businesses get found on Google. SEO services have also become vitally important for the newest marketers. There are a few SEO Chrome extensions which can save your time and can make your life a bit easier.

  1. Redirect path: The redirect path extension helps in identifying numerous issues such as JavaScript redirects, 302, 500, 301, 404; Meta issues HTTP Status codes etc. The redirect path can be downloaded from the Google Chrome web store and helps in allowing people to see HTTP headers and the Server’s IP addresses.
  2. BuzzSumo: BuzzSumo is regarded to be one of the favourite Google Chrome extensions for SEO. It helps you in tracking shares and deciding which content suits best on pages of social media. The back links which are included on user’s pages are checked by allowing you to treat them in future SEO decisions.
  3. MozBar: It is regarded as one of the favourite SEO Chrome extensions, which you can access by clicking simply within the browser. This Google Chrome extension has made everything easy for users to export SERPs into a CRV file. You can easily access Google and can analyze the difficulty of keywords, optimization of pages etc.
  4. Hunter: Hunter is a type of SEO Chrome extension which helps users in finding information of the contact immediately in your browser. It also helps users in finding email addresses which are linked to the website.

You can find various SEO agencies that help build your brand. Orange County SEO is an agency that helps in building your brand through organic search.

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