Online sports betting guide

Since sports betting is legal in 30 states, online sports betting are rapidly becoming popular as watching sports. With so many essential sports, it can be challenging to keep up with all the betting terms. You can browse sports betting terminology together on this page to help you understand all the proper phrases without getting confused. You’ll be placing wagers and taking advantage of all sports betting offers once you’ve learned the most common terms in world cup betting

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These are the Online sports betting guide and terms

Make sure you’re familiar with the most general betting terms before starting. There are thousands of methods to wager on sports. In addition, this terminology of sports betting phrases may help you understand some of the most regularly used terms. 

Money line

Baseball and hockey each have a lot of money line betting. This strategy eliminates the point handicap but changes the goal to select the outright winner based on price. A -200 favorite indicates you’d have to wager 200 to win 100 on that side. On a 100 bet, a +200 underdog would return 200.


This strategy works well when a game or competition has expected a very high or deficient score, such as in professional basketball. The total number of points projected for a match have determined by sportsbooks. Also, bettors choose which side of that number the combined scores will fall on. You can wager on whether the total of the two scores will be higher or less than 200 if a game has an over-under of 200.

Against the spread

It is the most popular way to bet in sports like football and basketball. Both teams are handicapped, with a negative sign next to the favorite. If a football team is a -7.5 favorite, they must win by at least eight points to cover the spread. A team with a +7.5 handicap is considered the underdog. It must win or lose by seven points or less to cover the spread.


It is a common type of wager in sports such as professional golf and horse racing. An outright bet is one in which the bettor predicts which athlete or team will win a tournament or race in its entirety.

Prop bet

This wager is on an outcome other than the overall score in a game or competition. For example, the prop bet has placed on who will score the game’s first touchdown but whether the kicker will miss a field goal. A baseball prop bet would be on whether or not a player will hit a home run.


Parlays are popular because they allow sports bettors to win huge money with a small wager. They’re also thrilling since there’s a greater chance of failure. Parlays are bets in which two or more propositions had selected on a single stake, and all legs win for the bet to win. If you bet on five teams in a parlay, for example, all five teams must win for the wager to succeed. The bet is a loser if just four teams cover the spread.


Sports bettors use teasers to balance some of the uncertainty about a team’s ability to cover the spread. Consider the following scenario: You feel two seven-point favorites will win their games outright, but you’re unsure if they’ll cover the touchdown spread. Using a six-point teaser would make each team a one-point favorite, requiring only a two-point victory. Because of this advantage, teasers pay lower odds than parlays, but many handicappers find them profitable.


A push shows the number hits precisely and the original stake. It has returned to the bettor in games where point spreads or over-under are even values. For example, Chicago is a three-point favorite over New York and wins by three points. Then, all against-the-spread wagers have returned.


A sports book’s handle is the entire amount of money. It takes in a specific event, including all types of wagers.

Futures betting

Futures betting is a type of sports betting in which you wager on a team’s or individuals expected performance in a game or season. Betting on a team to win a championship is one of the most popular future bets. For example, you are betting on a team’s win total or a player to win postseason awards.

“Off the board.”

It signifies that betting on a specific event or outcome has been suspended.

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