Nursery Wallpapers To Consider as a Mama-to-Be

As an expectant mother, you have many decisions to make. Some of the most important regard the nursery where your baby will spend much of the first few months of life. Should you have the walls painted or should you go with wallpaper instead? If you decide on wallpaper, should you purchase matching upholstery fabric by the yard with which to cover the furnishings? If you’re thinking about wallpaper as a first step, here are some choices to consider.

Mystical Woodlands Theme

According to the theory of biophilia, human beings have an innate need to interact with the natural world. While it is not certain whether newborn babies feel this need, and it is impossible to ask them questions about it, the theory holds that it is encoded in DNA, so it is reasonable to suppose it may affect babies.

Whether babies feel a need to interact with nature, wallpaper depicting a woodland scene is sure to include colors such as deep greens and soft blues. Cooler colors such as these can promote relaxation and calm. Therefore, they may help to soothe an older baby who gets fussy.

If you decide on matching upholstery for the furniture in the room, consider hopsack fabric by the yard. It is easy to clean and highly durable, which you will appreciate more as your baby grows older.

Monochromatic Colors

When babies are first born, they do not have the ability to perceive color very well. In the womb, they can only perceive the difference between light and dark because that’s pretty much all that is available for them to perceive visually. At a few months old, they start perceiving red, but it takes a while for them to start recognizing other colors. Therefore, it may make sense to choose nursery wallpaper in an attractive, eye-catching pattern of black and white, or at least two colors that contrast highly with one another to help your baby learn to start processing visual information. For example, dark polka dots or chevron shapes on a light background.

Vintage-Inspired Design

In older homes, the era in which it was designed and built often shows in the architecture. Therefore, you may want to match the wallpaper in the baby’s room with the architectural style of your home. For example, Victorian wallpaper often featured ornate floral designs, and you may want to choose something similar for your baby’s room, but with a contemporary sensibility.

Or maybe there’s a period of history that particularly interests you. Maybe you appreciate classic cars from the 1950s. By putting up wallpaper in your child’s room patterned with classic cars, you communicate, without saying anything, that this is something important to you. There is no guarantee that your child will share your interest, but he or she will probably associate classic cars with loving parents for a lifetime and think of you whenever one appears.

Make choosing the wallpaper for the nursery a priority because this is one of the first decorating tasks you should take care of. Hanging wallpaper is much easier in an empty room.

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