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The world of gaming is exciting and fun for all the players. In this era, we can find games played on electronic devices. The games can be accessed from your computer, tablets, and mobile phones. There are many types of online games for all ages of people. You can find various online games with fun features and a simple format to play.

Online games are the structured form of land-based games played through the internet connection. A computer becomes the medium or tool used to play such games. Unlike land-based games, online games have strict rules, goals, and challenges that every player has to follow.

Going out during this pandemic is not a safe option. You can try to fulfill your wish by playing online games. Online games at our website will give you a lively feeling like physical games. Our web page is an exciting and amazing place to play all types of online games.


The nard online game is very popular on our web page. Most of our customers like to play this game. It is the online version of the nard land-based game. Players from all over the world are allowed to play this game on our web page. You can get yourself registered on our website and start playing immediately.

It is easily available from any electronic device. You can play it on ios, Android, and laptops with better internet connectivity. For your convenience, there won’t be any problem at our end with the internet connection as we have a high-speed internet data connection for you.

The game is popular among the Persian people in Muslim countries and Babylonian Jews. The nard online game is a Persian game that was known as Nardashir. It is a board game played with each other on tables. In this game, the piece for playing is moved as claimed by the rolls of dice.

The backgammon game is similar to the nard game. You can rather say that the nard is another version of the backgammon game. All the rules and regulations are the same in both games. You will also find the strategies of both games to be quite similar.

The nard online game is one of the oldest ancient games which originated in the East. It has been more than 5000 years since its origin. If you have no idea what this game is and how to play it, we can help you learn this game. Even if you are a beginner, you won’t face many problems in learning the game.


It is a game played between two players. There is some necessary equipment required to play the nard online game. You will find a board of 8×8 squares with it and a pair of dice. There will be checkers for both the players on each side of the board.

On our website, this is the online version of the land-based nard online game. In the online version, you will find a rectangular field that is divided into two identical parts. For this game, the elements and requirements other than the board are fifteen black and fifteen white checkers along with two pairs of dice.

Your aim in this game will be to get the checkers to your side of the board. You will also have to take the checkers out of the board before your opponent player takes them out. It is easy to understand the game but, once you understand you will enjoy playing it.

Before starting to play this game, you need to learn the other rules and regulations to play this game. It is meant for two players who can challenge each other to take the checkers out of the board. It will be difficult at first, but as you play on the board it will get exciting.

The player, who has the white checkers, will be leading every time. The nard online game system places the chips along the sides of the field. Each player will have these chips on their side of the board. It also has a name for this position, known as the head.

The beginning of the game starts with one chip per player is given from the head. But, you will face two types of exemptions, the jackpot, and the leads. If you get a jackpot at the start of the game like four by four, six by six, and three by three, or if the first lead is done in the beginning then you may remove two chips in a single lead.

The length of the lead will depend on the points of the pair of dice cups. In a single standard lead, you may be allowed to remove two checkers. Each chip movement will correspond to the number of points in a single dice. It may also be possible to come with one checker.

In such a situation, the points on both the dice will be added. So you need be alert while rolling the dice on board. The checkers will be considered counterclockwise. If you see the same number in the dice, then the player can lead four times than leading on point two.

You are not allowed to place your checkers on any of the cells that your opponent occupies on the board. The nard online game has an interesting feature, where you can lock your checkers at a point in the situation. You can use this to prevent your opponent not to lead in higher points.

After the player gets all the checkers into the house, he/she can have the opportunity to remove them from the board. The chips will be displayed according to the points scored from the dice cubes and the numbers in the cell. If the triangle the player wanted is empty, you are allowed to transfer a checker from the oldest cells on the board. It is a game of fun and excitement that you can play as an indoor game with friends.

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