Dropping Odds Explained: Build a Dropping Odds Strategy

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The reason behind the sporadic growth in the online betting industry isn’t far-fetched. The internet penetration rate has soared globally in the last decade, allowing more people to access online sportsbooks. Additionally, online betting provides a more flexible platform for bettors to wager on their favorite sports whenever and wherever they are, amidst several other benefits over the traditional brick-and-mortar system. 

As online sports betting gets more popular, more people jump in on the action, looking to earn real money by wagering on their favorite sports. Furthermore, since gaining overall success in sports betting is challenging, bettors worldwide use different techniques to try to beat the bookmakers and increase their chances of winning. These include live betting, following BetZillion’s expert prediction, arbitrage betting, using the cashout feature, taking advantage of dropping odds, etc.

Let’s get right into it! Dropping odds is one of the most popular methods bettors use to place highly profitable wagers. This article will explain this concept and how you can build a dropping odds betting strategy to maximize your winnings.

Dropping Odds in Sports Betting: What Is It in General?

The term “dropping odds” may sound new to a sports betting beginner. However, the concept is a simple and self-explanatory one. To understand what betting odds mean, you must first know how odds work in sports betting.

Generally, bookmakers set odds based on the likelihood of a specific event happening in a match. For instance, if two teams, A and B, have a football match, bookmakers will set odds based on the outcome. If a bookmaker considers A the favorite, then the odds for A to win will be smaller, say, 1.5. On the other hand, the odds for B to win the match will be higher, say 3.4, as the bookmaker considers them underdogs. It also applies to different betting markets besides winner prediction.

Bookmakers don’t just set odds based on what they feel. Instead, they conduct in-depth research and analyze all the possible factors determining the likelihood of the outcome. These factors include the prior and current form of teams and players, statistics, historical precedents, BetZillion’s expert prediction, injuries, etc. After this analysis, the bookmaker then sets what they deem to be the most precise odds of the said outcome happening.

Due to their effort in their analysis, the bookmaker’s odds regarding the probability of an outcome are usually accurate. However, this is not always true. Since bookmakers set odds days or weeks before matchday, they can make errors with the odds they publish for a particular outcome, causing an influx of wagers to flow in that direction. When bookmakers realize this, they reduce the first published odds to balance the market selection to reduce the risk on their part.

Other factors leading up to the matchday can also affect the probabilities of an outcome, causing bookmakers to lower the odds for it. These include:

  • Injury or disqualification of an indispensable player
  • A change of management
  • Sudden issues within a team;
  • Manager’s decision to use the reserve team
  • The sudden transfer of players, etc.

Putting these examples together, dropping odds can be described as a situation where bookmakers reduce the initial odds to reflect the latest probability of a particular outcome or balance their market. 

Dropping Odds Types

Dropping odds can be classified into different categories based on circumstances surrounding the outcome. 

Pre-game dropping odds

It is the most familiar concept of dropping odds. Bookmakers often set odds weeks before a sports event. Therefore, pre-game betting odds refer to any decrease in initial odds before the game day. To take advantage of pre-game dropping odds, you must be familiar with all the factors that could determine the outcome leading up to the start of the match.

In-play dropping odds

Odds dropping is already an inept part of live betting, with odds constantly fluctuating due to living action. To benefit from in-play dropping odds, you must watch the match thoroughly as you place live wagers, paying serious attention to the opportunity you can take advantage of.

Other types of dropping odds include early, late, rapid, and geo-dependent dropping odds.

How to Build a Dropping Odds Strategy

It would help if you were strategic to take advantage of betting odds. First and foremost, staying up-to-date on the latest odds and monitoring them closely as the match approaches is essential. You can do this by checking odds comparison websites, which provide the odds for various bookmakers for a particular match. Also, you must register with multiple bookmakers and shop for the most valuable dropping odds opportunity.

It is also essential to consider the teams’ past performance, statistics, rankings, past performances, and current form. Teams that have been performing well in recent matches are more likely to win than those that have been struggling. Additionally, it would help if you watched for any injuries or other factors that may affect the match’s outcome.

Sticking to one sport you are familiar with when using the dropping odds betting technique is advisable. It helps you understand how odds movement works for the outcomes you wager on. It also ensures you stay ahead of news and events that will help you take advantage of opportunities quickly.

How to Use the Dropping Odds Strategy for Your Profit?

While there are no foolproof techniques for success in sports betting, you can increase your chances of winning with the dropping odds strategy. First, it is possible to spot a mistake in a bookmaker’s odds after doing your in-depth research and analysis regarding a particular event. As a result, you can enter the market at bigger odds and get bigger payouts. The odds may also drop, putting you in profit even before the match starts.

Another way to benefit from dropping odds is finding “sleepy bookmakers,” who are late in keeping with the market trends. For example, when you discover that the odds for a match you’re following are dropping across several top bookmakers, some betting sites are slow to catch up. It would help if you took advantage of this opportunity to place your wagers before the odds reduce, putting you in profit. This strategy has been proven to be the best in utilizing dropping odds.

Lastly, you can bet against dropping odds to make a profit. Bookmakers usually drop odds for a particular outcome when there is a massive influx of bets in its direction. However, the majority is not always right. Dropping odds sometimes suggest that betting on the other team is more profitable. This strategy is most effective in football betting.


With the right approach, dropping odds can effectively increase your chances of making profits in sports betting. You can build an excellent strategy for dropping odds by staying up-to-date and monitoring the latest odds on many bookmakers. It would help if you also considered the past performances, statistics, betting expert prediction, rankings, and current form of the teams and players in question, alongside other factors like injuries, transfers, change of management, etc.

Thanks to smart devices and a fast internet connection, you can quickly find valuable odds at bookmakers’ speed. There are also several reliable dropping odds tools online to help you sight valuable opportunities rapidly.

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