Kevin De Bruyne will go down as one of the best Premier League midfielders of all time



Gerrard. Scholes. Vieira. Keane. Lampard. Silva. Fabregas. Yaya Toure. You can keep naming names of the greatest midfield players to have ever played in the Premier League era and you won’t find a consensus answer. There are some who would go for the sheer force of Gerrard, the combativeness of Vieira and Keane, the artistry of Silva and Fabregas, the goals of Lampard and the brutal physical specimen that was Yaya Toure. However, when he ends his career, one name will place himself to be named alongside these legends, and not many people will dispute it, not even visitors of

Kevin de Bruyne is one player that continues to earn plaudits for the beautiful and brilliant way he orchestrates play from the middle of the park, and under Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, he has become a great player, just by doing simple things and not attempting the ridiculous. Leonardo da Vinci put it succinctly when he said, “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophisticatio” and it seems De Bruyne is a lover of the legendary artist. Other midfield players tend to overcomplicate things, but it is this Belgian’s simplistic nature that announces him. He plays the most obvious passes, but does with precision and efficiency that is hard to believe.

He joined Manchester City in 2015, and in those 7 years, has made a mockery of those that questioned his ability when he struggled under Jose Mourinho at Stamford Bridge. But Chelsea’s loss has been City’s gain, and it is unbelievable. In 201 Premier League appearances for the Citizens, he has scored 51 times, an astonishing record of 1 goal every 4 matches. In total, he has played 299 times, scoring a respectable 81 times. It is not his goals that stand him out however, it’s his assists. De Bruyne is an incessant provider of goals, always choosing to provide when he sees better-placed teammates, and perhaps only deciding to score if that is the last resort or he wants to bend his game to his own will.

In all, he has registered 112 assists for Manchester City in 299 matches, and added to his 81 goals, make him one of the most effective players in Premier League history. He has almost everything: he can shoot, pass, run, make a tackle where neccessary, and most importantly, he sees things others do not see.

Still only 30 and with the way he plays, he can still play for as long as he likes. It’s Kevin de Bruyne’s world and we are just living in it. The odds are in favour of the stay player and his fans on to make more money.


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