JustForex South Africa

JustForex is one of the leading broker companies in South Africa. South Africa has one of the most competitive Forex broker markets in the world. Hence, building a good reputation for a broker takes time and effort. 

JustForex South Arica offers premium-level trading features at affordable rates. It is known for its availability and affordability rates. This article will serve as your guide for trading with JustForex. We will briefly yet, properly go over everything that this broker has to offer. 

JustForex South Africa – Introduction

JustForex was established in 2012. Ever since, the broker has been growing statistically. Last year, JustForex South Africa made its way to the top 10 forex brokers list of many experts. Hence, many traders are considering JustForex as their primary broker. 

JustForex provides analytical data to its traders for free. This data can be helpful and a difference-maker for new traders. 

Safe or Scam

There is always a risk of getting scammed in Forex trading. Because Forex is an open and mobile market, a scamming broker can lure new traders and scam them. 

To secure the public, governments have financial authorities that keep an eye on brokers. The South African government also has a vigilant watchdog, FSCA. The authority looks over Forex brokers, regulates and licenses them.

A regulated broker is always safe to trade with since;

  • You have the security of funds
  • Authorities don’t let the broker run any illegal scheme
  • Fund restoration upon bankruptcy of the broker.

Hence, we can say the JustForex South Africa is a legit broker. This broker will not spam you. 

Minimum Deposit

Like we said earlier, JustForex aims to bring premium-level services to the average broker. Their ideology reflects in their deposit limits. You can open an account with JustForex just for 10 USD. Some other brokers even have lower deposit limits. However, combined with the number of premium-level features you get with this broker, it is most definitely worth it in terms of start-up cost. 


JustForex offers leverage rates capped at 1:3000. The average market leverage rates are around 1:400. Higher leverage rates are always attractive for new traders. Leverage is the additional amount of exposure that the broker gives you over your deposited money. Higher leverage rates offer more profits, but you can also suffer huge losses at the same time. 

Hence, the higher leverage rates that Just Forex is offering are a double-sided sword. 

Demo Account 

JustForex claims to train its traders for free. Their claim is not absent action. New traders can open a demo account for free. Just Forex provides analytical data to demo account users to learn Forex trading.

Trading Platform

JustForex operates on MT4. MT4 is the market standard trading platform that offers a bunch of functions without compromising on security. Recently, the company incorporated MT5 on their platform as well. 

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Customer Support

The customer support of Just Forex is decent. It is a 24/5 support system. The support agents are not available in different languages. However, the agents are efficient and helpful.

Final Word

JustForex South Africa is the country’s top Forex broker. This broker combines functionality and affordability and presents them to individual users at relatively lower rates. 

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