Inzfy: How Instagram is Effective for Event Marketing?

In recent times, Instagram is ruling out all other social media platforms. Moreover, it is welcomed by almost all age groups, especially the young generations. For these reasons, it can be considered a perfect platform for marketers to promote and sell their products or services through Instagram. 

Besides this, event marketing is one of the emerging trends on the Instagram platform. Many companies are starting to promote their events to have more attendees and to spread their popularity wide. Therefore, they use the app features to work in favor of them to attain success. Moreover, such event marketers buy instagram video views to make their events reach worldwide at ease. 

If you already have stable followers or an audience for your profile, why not use it for your promotion? Many event marketing teams find this platform a great place to build an engaging community for their business. Want to know how it works? Then stay and read till the end to make your upcoming event a successful benchmark.

Viewing your friends’ stories on Instagram can be a useful tool for promoting your account, as it can lead to more followers and attention to your profile.

Why Should You Use Instagram for Your Event Business?

Marketing on Instagram is all about capturing the users’ attention, making them engage with you, and conveniently buying tickets for your events. This raises a question: is it effective for your event promotion? The answer to the question is yes! It is. 

The characteristics of instagram, such as sharing Instagram Stories, Live videos, and Reels, lend a helping hand for the event marketers to make it a house-full show. 

With the assistance of the Instagram platform, you can easily share content and connect with your target audience. Regarding driving ticket sales, Instagram can be the best option for selling your tickets and promoting them compared to other social media platforms. 

As a beneficial factor, it is cost-effective and budget-friendly unless you want to treat your event with paid promotion. However, if you don’t want to go on for free publicity, Instagram can make it possible in that case too. In this article, you will be expected to read an in-depth description of promoting your event effectively on the Instagram platform. So let us get on board!

3 Parts of Event Promotion

Unlike other ways of Instagram marketing, Event marketing depends on the timings. So considering this, you can split up your promotion into three sections as categorized below, 

i) Promotion Before the Event: In this part of a promotion, your primary target is to create curiosity or anticipation among your audience. Upon doing this, your results will be getting more people for your event and driving more tickets. 

If you are running a long event, you can even separate tickets as gold, silver, or bronze ones. You can post this on your Story, ultimately reaching more people. Furthermore, you can opt for Inzfy to maximize your profile visibility and spread it wider effortlessly.

ii) Promotion During the Event: In this part, you must maintain the hype you created before the event. This is the crucial part of event marketing that determines your event’s success and brand. Therefore, you should take this more seriously and put in your full effort to make it a grand success. 

iii) Promotion After the Event: This is the final part of event marketing, where you get to know and face the reality of your event’s success. Also, it plays an essential role in planning upcoming events. 

This is where you need to collect and curate the feedback and reviews of the events from your attendees. The whole process of this is to evaluate the event performance and filter which part works well and which doesn’t. 

5 Incredible Ideas to Promote Your Event on Instagram

So far, you have seen the overall aspects of promoting the event. Now, let’s get into filtering the ideas that will be effective for your event promotion. 

#1 Plan for an Early Bird Registration for the Event

Announcing an early bird offer may sound traditional, but it will always be effective. It is a great way to promote your event and draw people’s attention to your brand. On the plus side, it will give a clear perspective on how to carry out your progress further. You can also announce discounts for your ticket to get more sales.

Also, you can post this offer in your account as a post, Story, which people can easily access. Consequently, endeavoring Inzfy Views will help you to maximize your views and provide organic reach for your profile.

#2 Design a Creative Landing Page

Your event landing page is where you get to deliver details about your event happenings. On that landing page, you need to post details such as the date, day, time, venue, location details, agenda for the event, event goals, and much more. 

You can also add details about the speakers or influencers attending the function. Of course, do not forget to post the details to purchase the event tickets.

#3 Create a Specific Brand For Your Event

This is the one step ahead in posting the event is to build a brand, particularly for the event. Also, you can promote the event as your brand itself. This will work best in giving the expected outcomes for the event. 

#4 Post Behind the Scenes of Your Event

This is one of the best ways to create an expectation of your event among the viewers. You can share it in your Instagram Story as a live commentary about your event. You can even share the video clips as Reels and on Stories. Post about the chief guest and the crowd gathered for your event. 

#5 Post Recaps of the Event and Audience Response

Once your event is over, more post-promotion work will still be carried out. So you need to review what you and others have shared about your event again. Only then do you need to carry out your post-promotion work.

The post-promotion process can be carried out in the following ways.

  • Show appreciation to the attendees in your posts and Stories by mentioning them.
  • You can share your follow-up posts on your page by sharing a thank you post, final numbers of attendees, media people, and event reviews.
  • You can create a feedback form and share it on the Stories to make the attendees fill them out. 

The Bottom Line 

Beyond any doubt, promoting your Event on Instagram can be the best choice if you want to experience your reach. It will help you maintain the hype, increase ticket sales and create engagement for your brand event. 

All is set on the right track. So go ahead, promote and be a conqueror of the event marketing field!

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