Introduction of Display fonts and Commercial fonts

Introduction of fonts:

A font is a computerized program or a file that informs your computer, printer or display how a word or letter is considered to be shown. Fonts are used all over the world. Wherever you see something written either it is a posters, brochures, logos, websites, or anything that has text, you will see that fonts are used in them. The use of fonts not only makes sense but also enhances the beauty of the text. Many graphic designers use different types of fonts as a potential tool to turn text into an impactful and effective visual. By using fonts, you can give different shapes to your content. They put a new powerful soul in your words in such a way, that no one can stop himself from reading your text. To make your content amazing and attractive, you should be very sincere in choosing font type, size, color, space, site of placement, line of spacing and many other things like this.

Types of fonts used in text:

There are many types of fonts that are usually used to make content better. Many people are not very familiar with the use of fonts, so it is very necessary to know about them because it is the great need of this time. Some display fonts are of great importance in graphic designing. Some of the most popular fonts are as following:

  • Creattion Demo
  • Waltograph
  • Open sans
  • Adine Kirnberg
  • Chopin script
  • Beyond Wonderland
  • Carnivalee Freakshow
  • Southam Demo
  • Raleway
  • Grinched
  • Nexa rust
  • Anydore
  • Brack script
  • Parry hotter
  • Adlery Pro
  • Advertising Script
  • Homoarakhn
  • Team Spirit NF
  • Mexcellent
  • Feast of Flesh BB
  • Metal Macabre
  • SF Sports Night
  • Bulletto Killa
  • Holligate Signature Demo
  • The Godfather
  • Gypsy Curse
  • Neon

How display fonts are valuable in graphics?

These fonts are used to drag the attention of the readers towards your content, to create mood, feeling or to announce some important information. By using this font, all the necessary information can be understand at a single glance. This type of fonts are used to display both formal and informal type of information. These fonts are mostly used in typography (it is an art of typing or writing letters and text in such a way that enables the content readable, clear and effective. The purpose of typography is to evoke certain emotions and to convey specific messages.)

Value of commercial fonts and rules for using them in daily life:

There are some rules and regulations that the workers, especially designers have to keep in mind before using them in your text. Some fonts are free and can be used easily but some special fonts require license before using these fonts. End User License Agreement (EULA) is a license that is provided to eligible designers. All the rules for using fonts, and rights of the designers are described clearly in this license. You must read all the instructions carefully before using fonts, so that you can get familiar with the facts that what you can do with the commercial fonts or what is not allowed to do. You can also read from the license that how you can purchase a new font of your own choice, then can use it peacefully. You should be aware of free fonts because some free fonts are not safe to use because they are corrupted or can also be a form of any virus and can harm your work or your project. Some google fonts can be used as commercial fonts. Some other license that can allow you to choose specific fonts are as following:

(OFL) stands for “Only Foreign License”

(GPL) stands for “General Purpose License”

(SIL) stands for “Single Instance License”

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