How Your Meeting Background Can Help You Look More Professional

Whether you work remotely or under the same roof as your team, chances are most of your meetings have gone virtual. Yet if you’re like a lot of modern workers, it often feels like a struggle to present yourself in a professional manner while videoconferencing. Here’s how using a quality office background improves your online interactions and projects the right image for you and your company.

Same Background as Team Members

It’s crucial that clients and customers have confidence in you and your business. While the days of everyone wearing three-piece suits to the office are long gone, presenting your team in a polished and cohesive manner continues to go a long way toward conveying professionalism.

When everyone in your company uses the same background in their online meetings, it reflects consistency and attention to detail. Image uniformity is a hallmark of professionalism that speaks volumes, signaling that yours is a collaborative, polished, and professional team.

Professional Logo

In addition to cohesion, staying on brand is a key reflection of your team’s professional image. By giving attention to virtual meeting branding & customization, you’re harnessing a powerful yet simple tool to increase company recognition and engagement.

Incorporate your logo into more than just business cards and advertising materials by making it the focal point of your virtual backgrounds. Whether you choose a wallpaper backdrop or a more immersive virtual room option, showing your logo each time you engage in an online interaction keeps you on-brand and bolsters professionalism.

Improved Focus and Productivity

From office chatter to whirring copiers to the dings of incoming phone messages, your workplace is full of distractions. It’s all too easy to lose focus during videoconferences, making you less productive and damaging your professional reputation.

Using an attractive, simple, and polished virtual backdrop helps shut out distractions for both you and the people you’re conferencing with. It conveys that you’re present, attentive, and ready to get the most out of your online interaction. Plus, it keeps other meeting attendees from having their attention wander if given the chance to scrutinize the details of your surroundings.

Only Appropriate Imagery

Social media is full of posts about awkward or inappropriate activities and images that have inadvertently popped into online meetings. These stories are good for a laugh – unless you’re the person who made the unprofessional faux pas.

Using a high-quality virtual backdrop every time you conference is the best way to guard against any of those “not suitable for work” incidents. Creating an aesthetically pleasing and tasteful background and deploying it during each video call ensures your meetings always project professionalism.

Now that you understand how effective meeting backgrounds impact your professional image, it’s time to build a custom backdrop of your own. Start by visiting the website of a top online meeting tool developer to check out their free Teams backgrounds and see how easy it is to download a suitable screen image. With just a few clicks, you’ll be ready to engage more professionally during all your upcoming video conferences.

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