How to spray paint your kitchen doors?

Sprøjtemaling af køkkenlåger can give your kitchen a fresh look at a much lower cost than purchasing a new door. Furthermore, when you buy kitchen doors, you get only a few color choices. If you choose to paint your kitchen door, you will have a ton of options.

Why should you use a paint sprayer?

It is very tempting to pick up spray paint and use it instead of using a paint sprayer. Canned sprays are good for covering small blemishes or discolorations but are not viable for painting the entire door. It would be best to paint your full door if you decide to borrow, rent, or buy a paint sprayer. Opting for a paint sprayer would cost you less than going for spray paint cans.


Remove the door from the hinges before you start painting it. This way, it will be easier for you to control the mist of the paint. You will get a smoother and drip-free surface if you choose to paint on a horizontal surface compared to painting on the door when it is attached to the kitchen. Remove the exit from your kitchen and take it to a region like a garage where you need not bother about the paint getting on other things.

Sand and patch first

Sand down the surface of the door with sandpaper. The goal here is to reduce the sheen but not remove the paint layers of the coatings. You can use wood putty to patch up the cracks and minor holes. Sand down the putty once it has dried. It is best to get the door surface to look as flat as possible so that the repair does not show through the paint.

Clean the door

Kitchen doors tend to attract a lot of dust and grime. You can use tri-sodium phosphate to clean your door. This is very effective at cutting through grime and dirt.

Apply the primer

Prepare the primer and fill it in this prayer. Spread the primer over the surface of the door. Allow the primer enough time to dry before you start with painting.

Start painting

Prepare the paint and clean the sprayer while the primer dries up. Spray the first coat of paint. Be patient and do the job uniformly and lightly. If you rush with the spray paint, it will cause dripping and splatter. First, do one coat of paint. Let it dry. Following this, apply a second and third coat if needed.

Put the door back

Once everything has dried, you can attach the door back to its hinges on the kitchen. You can also use new hinges to give your door a fresh look.

Finger marks may become visible on the paint if you touch it before it is dry. Thus, allow the paint to dry for 24 hours before handling. If you follow the points mentioned above to sprøjtemale køkkenlåger, you will have a beautiful door in a matter of a day.

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