How to Select a Good Puffer Jacket for Women

The market size of fast fashion in Australia is $2.2 billion. There has been a 7.3 per cent growth in this market between 2021 to 2022. Amid the various stylish clothing pieces, puffer jackets are excellent winter wear. They keep you warm without the need to use lots of layers. You can find them at many stores, both offline and online. They are by far the most effortless fashion item you can work with. Yet you must be cautious while selecting one for yourself. It’s best to look into womens puffer jacket in Australia with elasticized sleeves and quilted bodices. These also have a subtle faux snakeskin pattern. As it is vegan, it’s good sustainable winter wear. Below are some points to note when choosing such a jacket for yourself.

Consider the Insulation

Puffer jackets can have synthetic down or down insulation. Both of them are lightweight. However, not every insulation method will give you an identical level of warmth. A jacket with down insulation is warmer than one with synthetic down insulation. It would be best to look for quilted jackets that can retain the synthetic fibres loft for a more significant time. It allows the jacket to keep you warm even after prolonged usage. If you buy one that uses a cheap method of insulation with synthetic fibres, it will cause a loss of the fibre loft which will make you vulnerable to the cold.

Look at the Stitching

The puffs of a puffer jacket result from the combination of stitching and insulation layer. You will notice that vertical and horizontal puffers are extremely common. But apart from that, diamond and geometric shapes also provide for a more fitted and functional jacket. Quilted designs differ from small diamonds to big triangles. It paves the way for varying fits and styling. You can also consider traditional horizontal puffs with a slim fit.

Stay Away from Sheen

A sheen finish is one aspect of puffer jackets that you should avoid. This kind of finish makes the jacket look like there’s a wax painting on it. It does not flatter your look. Even those women with a slimmer upper torso will find that all it does is draw more attention to their upper body. If you want to look stylish when wearing this jacket, choose colours with a matte finish. If you wish for a shiny sheen, ensure that you pick a subtle and neutral colour.

Find if the Jacket Has Hood and Zippers

If you live in a cold area, it’s essential to purchase a jacket with a hood. A hood with drawstrings ensures that it fits nicely around your head in rain or wind. You might be tempted to ignore this aspect to attain a sleeker look, but you’ll always feel cold. Apart from that, do not look into jackets that close with a belt around the waist. Look for those with zippers, ideally with a flap that extends beneath or over the zipper for more protection from precipitation. You can also find jackets that merely snap or buttons. But they will allow the cold air and moisture. So, it’s essential to consider a hood and good quality zipper at the front of the jacket.

Australia boasts of the third fastest-growing vegan market globally. People here are increasingly embracing a vegan lifestyle, giving many opportunities for this fashion wear to thrive. You can find womens puffer jacket in Australia that are designed with eco fibres. The styles are composed of puffer filling and recycled fibres. You can take your ethical wardrobe to an entirely new level with them.

Author: Hannah Gilbert

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