How to Plan a Birthday Party with a Casino Theme

A casino theme is a great idea for a birthday party. Most people enjoy themed parties, and they can make planning easier. With a theme in mind, it is easier to coordinate all the elements like invitations, décor, food etc. A bond-themed casino party is one fun idea. For this, you will need some cool environment, so live music is best. Another option is to have a more casual party with poker and beer. It all depends on what suits you best. 


Send casino-themed invitations to guests to get them excited. Before you send invitations, you need to decide what the dress code will be so you can inform your guests. 

You can adapt your casino celebration idea by going on a real-life casino birthday trip or playing casino games online with friends from home. This gives you the option to use birthday casino promotions at real money casinos. At Play Gun Lake, you may be able to start a celebration off with a $15 casino bonus or a $15 sports free bet. This can make your budget go further, so you have more fun.


The décor for your casino party will be easy if you go with the classic red, black and white color scheme. Add some green to the table covers and balloons to balance out the other colors and make everything look fresh. You can go for atmospheric décor and try creating a speakeasy that brings back a time when gambling was prohibited and would take place secretly. 


Your party planning will include deciding what casino games to play. There are companies that will bring games to your venue. They may even supply dealers who will deal with the cards and explain to guests how to play the games. If your party is more low-key, all you really need to do is set up tables for games like blackjack or poker. Instead of using real money, you can get prizes like gift cards or bottles of wine for guests to play for. 


Today casinos offer many different food options. You can go to an upscale restaurant or get fast food. An easy option for a casino party is to set up a buffet. Guests can take a break and grab a plate of eats. You can work with a professional caterer depending on your own preferences and how many people you invite.

No party is complete without some sweet treats, and you can make a tower of mini cupcakes or a dessert table spread. You can do some research online for various birthday party ideas and find out things like how to add your own DIY card cupcake toppers. 


Cocktails like martinis are very much part of an upscale casino party. You can set out a few liquors like rum and vodka, add some mixers, and garnishes like olives and cherries. This means that guests can have fun making their own cocktails. Of course, you can also hire waiters to serve guests cocktails at tables. 

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