How to Pick the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Type

Sunglasses are one of the most essential items for the summer. There is a growing amount of heat and direct sunlight, no thanks to all the deforestation and construction mankind have been involved in. There is excessive exposure to sunlight and therefore harmful UV radiations from the sun.

These radiations can be quite harsh on the skin and especially on the eyes causing blurriness and dizziness to people who have sensitive eyes.

The best solution to protect one’s eyes in the harsh summer heat is to cover your eyes up using sunglasses as they prevent the direct exposure of sunlight on the eyes and does not dry the eyes up which causes redness, irritation, blurriness, and dizziness, which usually happens when we are exposed to direct silk pajamas for men for a long time.

Sunlight Exposure on Human Eyes

Direct exposure to sunlight is not good for the body. Gone are the days when the sunlight was warm and soul-nourishing. Due to global warming and ozone depletion, the rays from the sunlight can be quite harmful and have a negative effect on the body, rather than a positive one.

Even sunbathing is restricted in many countries where there is a high amount of sun exposure. The mild sunlight before 9 am is still considered healthy and full of Vitamin D, therefore people who require sunlight due to their health conditions such as Cancer patients, Vitamin D deficiency, etc, are recommended to soak up early morning sunlight and not the bright, afternoon sun.

Sunlight exposure is especially harmful to the skin as it can cause premature aging and even skin cancers in the unsuspecting. Constant exposure to high levels of sunlight is not recommended by skin experts. Sunscreens are the new best friends to the skin as they help in protecting the skin by creating a barrier between the skin and the environment.

Human eyes are especially sensitive and can easily be affected by sunlight. Direct exposure to sunlight can cause redness, irritation, inflammation, dizziness, lightheadedness, and blurriness of vision.

Sunglasses for Eyes

Sunglasses are the best thing to protect your eyes. Not only do they come in between the eye and the harmful rays of the sun, but they also look quite amazing and add to your style statement. Choosing the right size of sunglasses is very important and the right way to do it is based on your face shape. There are basically the following types of face shapes:

1. Round Face

For those who have a round face, square-shaped sunglasses can create a lot of definition for the face and give the face a clear cut angle, that makes their cheekbone and jaw lines more angular and shaped

2. Oval Face

For those with an oval face, square-shaped, rectangular, or geometric-shaped sunglasses would be quite appropriate. These frames create a more angular appearance in the widest part of the face, which is around the cheekbones

3. Squamous Face

Those with squamous faces have a very difficult pick as they have a wide frame and need subtle angles to soften the size. Round and oval glasses can help soften these sharp edges and give definition

4. Heart-Shaped Face

This is the best shape for the face but very rare. These face shapes can benefit from wearing any sunglasses but the best shape would be oversized frames with heavy bottoms that create a definition for the face.

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