How to Mask the Bitter Taste of Kratom?

Kratom is a refreshing botanical; it can uplift the moods and spirits of all those consuming it daily. When you use kratom regularly, you feel many positive effects that we all crave because life is getting tougher, and it is hard to stay on track every day! However, the taste of kratom can be a downside!

Imagine if you had to consume a bitter potion every day only to feel good, but the bitter aftertaste makes you feel uncomfortable? If consumers learn how to mask the bitter taste of kratom, things can be much better!

How to mask the bitter taste?

If you want to try different ways to improve the taste of kratom, it is not difficult if you get a few creative ideas to try new ways of consumption. Here are a few interesting ways to mask the bitter taste of kratom and enjoy a stimulating feed every morning or night!


Fruit juices are an excellent way to begin the day. The surge of vitamins and the tangy, zesty fruit flavor can put you in a higher gear to face the challenges of the day.

If you add Christopher’s Organic Botanicals kratom powder or tincture to a fruit juice, the results will be a refreshing drink with not only the energizing effects of kratom but also a tasteful treat! The taste of kratom gets masked easily if you dial it down by increasing the fruit flavor!

The most effective fruit juices to mask the taste of kratom are lemon juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, apple juice, and cranberry juice. You can even make a fruit punch and add kratom powder to it so you do not taste the grassy and earthy substance while enjoying the punch of vitamins!


Smoothies are an exciting way to pack more protein and vitamins in a drink and consume it like a meal! If you add kratom to your favorite smoothie, the taste will be concealed, and you get to enjoy the goodness of this botanical with a surge of energy, positivity, and focus!

A banana and date smoothie is famous for its nutritional value; if you add your favorite kratom strain to it, it will become more energizing. Besides bananas, your smoothie can have peanut butter, blueberries, or even a dash of chocolate! Whichever smoothie shake you like, adding kratom will mask the taste of this botanical, and you get to drink your favorite beverage too!


Who doesn’t like chocolate? What if we told you that if you mix kratom in chocolate, the bitter taste is subdued, and you can enjoy the sweet treat every day! Many consumers melt dark chocolate, add butter and sugar to make it creamier and then add kratom. When the chocolate cools down into the shape you give it, each assorted chocolate or the bar will give you a full day’s dosage, so you must use the same amount during preparation!

Apart from this small complication of adding kratom in the right amount, kratom chocolate will be a simple pleasure for the whole day!

Many online vendors and kratom bars offer chocolate with infused kratom near me so that you can avoid preparations and buy the dessert you love with the stimulation of kratom!


Kratom is a botanical substance with a bitter taste but many benefits. You can mask the bitter taste of kratom by adding it to various drinks and foods! Try the way that suits you, and the results will never disappoint.

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