How To Make Money as a Gamer

Professional gamers are the new rockstars, commanding massive audiences and making a whole lot of money in the process. The people at the top of the industry make it look easy when in fact their success is often due to a whole lot of hard work. If you are looking to make money as a gamer, you should be aware that it is quite difficult, but that it isn’t impossible. The first step is to read the rest of this guide, which has been especially created to give you the complete overview. Take a look now to learn all about it.

Live Stream It

Whether people are studying or working or simply looking to kick back and relax, one phenomenon that has risen significantly in popularity has been that of live streams. This means making sure that when you are gaming, you aren’t doing it for free – you should be live streaming your game and growing your user base in the process. Melonapp has free live stream options for your next livestream, giving you a lot of control when it comes to growing your user base in the best way possible.

Take Part in Competitions

If you are particularly good at gaming, then you should be looking into the possibilities of being able to win money from competitions. There’s a lot of money to be made by winning e-gaming competitions, especially if you are skilled at DOTA 2. While it is unlikely that you are going to win a world championship or something (no matter how much you train), you can still enter certain competitions and be sure to get some share of the winnings. Take a look around to see if there is a competition that you can enter online or physically travel to in your area.

Start a Video Channel

As the rise of PewDiePie (who has made millions of dollars from uploading videos of himself playing videos on YouTube) has shown, before being able to move into all different types of content forms, there is a lot of money to be made in uploading videos of yourself streaming online. Nonetheless, it is worth pointing out that there is a lot of competition when it comes to the video sphere, meaning that you need to make sure that you are hiring a professional team to make sure that your videos look as good as possible. This might cost you some money upfront but will be much better for you in the long run.

Accept Sponsorships 

If you are serious about making money from playing as a gamer, then you should be looking into all of the possibilities that are involved with corporate partnerships. You should be looking out for and reaching towards sponsors in order to see if you can promote their products in return for free merchandise and money. If you want to make sure that your pitches are successful, you should definitely work on building your brand and getting as many daily viewers as possible. 

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