How to Hire React.js Programmer to Build Your Dream Development Team

IT specialists are the brains behind everything around us nowadays. They are the force to make the world spin around. While every branch of its sphere is responsible for a particular part of development, one group of specialists creates a visually pleasing picture, providing a smooth and flawless experience for the user – React.js developers.

How to Hire React.js Programmer to Build Your Dream Development Team

Finding a React.js professional may be a challenging task, yet totally worth the effort. The job market is full of offers, yet true specialists are not that easy to detect, as the CVs are mainly perfect and advertise the best sides of the worker, often non-existent ones. How to find and hire a React.js programmer to make the whole development team complete and ready to work? Experts from the leading offshore development company are ready to answer this question. Follow the guide to discover the insights.

What is the main responsibility of a React.js Programmer?

They are the specialists that make the designer’s ideas come true, everything that the user sees on the website and the application is their work. Simply saying, React.js programmers are responsible for interface development and solving numerous issues related to single-page application development.

The primary responsibility depends on the level of ‘seniority’ and includes

Junior React.js developer

Fresh starters who have 1 – 1.5 years of experience and are well aware of the basics of React and Angular. They also know HTML (5), CSS (3), RxJs, and Javascript.

Another part and parcel of a programmer’s resume will make English and its minimum Intermediate level.

Some employers may be looking for basic knowledge of quality assurance, simple server-side rendering, and MVC /MVVM concepts.

As a rule, Juniors are the most eager to work long hours and are genuinely interested in the idea being developed over the financial profit.

Middle React js. developers

Programmers who dedicated at least 2 years to professional development and experienced intensive work with all the components mentioned above. As a rule, at this stage, the candidates are also experienced with building mobile applications with efficient UI and usage of API endpoints. Some employees may require Node.js and PHP knowledge. The level of English is expected to grow as well due to its constant usage.

Middles typically don’t settle for the basic package just for the sake of an idea if it is not backed up by a decent payment.

Senior React.js developers

The highest caste among the developers and oftentimes, they can change the rules of the games due to their level of experience and React.js expertise. They have 5+ years of intensive work in development. They are skilled in creating React-based UI and are experienced with Front-End components like ES6, SASS, Unit Testing, and WebPack, have an understanding of development patterns, and can build Restful web services.

As a rule, seniors are also experienced with jQuery, Angular, Vue, and other Javascript Frameworks.

The level of English is strong Upper-Intermediate and higher.

React programmers make the biggest search-for group as they build the essential interactive components for the website.

The major ways of finding the right person are freelance platforms, specialized social networks (LinkedIn), outsourcing, and in-house hiring:

  1. In-house hiring is always a good idea if you already have a team of programmers. Being a part of a team improves cooperation and helps everyone speak the same language about the vision of the project.
  2. Freelance platforms like Upwork and Toptal will be the best option for those who expect a quick delivery of the project, approximately eight or nine weeks. Besides, you can read the reviews regarding the quality of the previous works
  3. Social network LinkedIn is a perfect tool for finding a good candidate, as there are many connections, and the platform offers skills testing.
  4. Outsourcing is one of the best solutions nowadays, as it doesn’t limit you locally. The offshore development services give you access to an international pool of talents and professionals. Such an approach is time and cost-efficient, as you can reach the whole team of developers, including top-level React.js programmers.

How to hire a React.js developer?

1.   Be clear with the goals

The project, timelines, and budget should be clearly defined at the very beginning of the cooperation. Everyone needs to understand their part. At this point, there should be a contract that will cover all the major aspects of the work.

2.   Be ready with the interview questions

Define the hard and soft skills you expect to see in the candidate and prepare the list of questions to help you define their level of expertise.

3.   Study the portfolio

Look through the projects that a candidate participated in, look at the efficiency of the work (if available), and read all the available insights about the cooperation.

4.   Hard skills assessment

The technical side is the most important to assess. Make sure you come up with specific questions that will reveal a truthful level of knowledge and skills. For instance:

  • What are the main limitations of React.js?
  • What is the purpose of the render() method in React?
  • What is a state in React, and how is it used?
  • What are the different phases of React component’s lifecycle?

5.   Get down to work

The average salaries of the developers vary a lot and are heavily influenced by the location. The highest rates are mainly encountered in the USA and EU. Western Europe may have higher rates than Eastern Europe, where the specialist typically offers the best ratio of expertise level and salary expectations.

A React.js programmer is in high demand nowadays, as Javascript is the most popular programming language with Reacts.js being one of the most popular frameworks. Finding the right person is the cornerstone of a project’s success. Define your goals and available budget and opt for the most fitting solution.

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