How to easily resize photos facebook cover and profile

When creating a profile or a post on a social network, we often face the same problem. The result of uploading images of a certain quality to Facebook can be puzzling. Sometimes the quality becomes noticeably worse or the original dimensions are changed. Not to mention the arbitrary cropping of the photo with the layering of the image. In this material, we will go through the well-known rules that are recommended to be followed when posting photos, images and pictures on Facebook.

There are many applications that will help you resize picture for facebook profile, the main thing is to know the photo parameters that you want to get. You can crop even in web applications, it’s not difficult.

Rules for Facebook

Posting pictures on the #1 social network will require some skills from us. Note that Facebook itself is quite good for posting high-quality photos. But, like any other service, it sets some boundaries in this matter. So, the selection of a photo for Facebook should be carried out following these basic rules.

It is better to upload properly shaped images to your Facebook profile page. The maximum resolution of the picture on the desktop is 170×170, for a smartphone – 128×128. The point is that FB always crops the photo uploaded for the profile page into a square. In addition, it is always better to post a slightly larger image. For example, the size of 200×200 will be converted to the same 170×170, but the image will not lose quality.

The Facebook page cover image has a minimum frame size when loaded – 399×150, which is converted to 851×315 on a desktop, and 640×360 on a smartphone. What this tells us is easy to guess. On Facebook, it is wiser to choose an image of 851×315 size ahead of time, since an image with a smaller size will look blurry.

For the fastest possible upload of photos on a FB page, it is better to use files with the JPG extension and sRGB color mode. At the same time, the dimensions should adhere to such a range – from 600×400 to 851×315 pixels. The weight of the file should be kept within 80-120 kb.

If you need to create a beautiful graphic image on a Facebook page, it is better to use files with the PNG extension. At the same time, we take into account that Facebook still converts all downloaded formats – PNG, JPG and GIF – to the JPG extension.

To post a post on FB, it is optimal to use pictures of 1200×630 pixels in size. The maximum possible resolution is 2048 x 2048 pix.

Here we only note that you should check the quality of displaying high-resolution photos on mobile devices.

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