How to design your custom engagement ring?

Are you planning on proposing to your loved one? If you are, then the first thing that comes to mind is buying an engagement ring. Engagement rings come in various designs, cuts, and styles. You want your ring to stand out from all other engagement rings when it’s placed with them when your girlfriend puts her eyes on them, but this can be a little bit challenging since there are so many options to choose from. However, this should not worry you anymore because I will take you through the steps and tips on designing your engagement ring.

First of all, you must know what type of diamond stone that she wants. Diamonds come in many different shapes and sizes. Choosing a shape or size can significantly affect the cost.

Popular diamond shapes are round, princess cut, emerald cut, Asscher cut, and pear-shaped diamonds.

When it comes to the diamond cut, there are many different types of cuts that can be used for designing your own engagement ring, which includes;

The Ideal Cut

This is referred to as the perfect cut that is used for almost any diamond. It is characterized by 58 facets, including the four standard faceting, twelve edges, and thirty-two above the table facets. These are ideal cuts because they ensure the maximum amount of light dispersion through reflection.

The Vintage Cut

This cut makes use of retro designs that are characterized by a full width and large crown. This kind of cut is used chiefly for diamonds that have rough, yellowish colors.

The Modern Cut

This cut uses the latest designs in the market, which have a magnificent sparkle to it. It resembles a lot with its retro design, but it has improved on some of its features. The modern cut contains 58 facets, and it is the most popular and common design used today.

Hearts & Arrows Cut

This kind of cut has only 37 facets, making it different from other kinds of cuts—the stones with this cut sparkle more than any other diamonds with a different cut.

The Emerald Cut

This cut is mainly used for diamonds with deep color because it maximizes the dispersion of light through reflection.

The Asscher Cut

This diamond cut has an octagon shape with 76 main facets, split by several cleavage planes. This design ensures maximum spark.

How to design your own ring?

Now that you know the different types of diamond cuts, you can now go ahead and choose one.

  • You can do a little research on the internet to find out whether your girlfriend likes a particular kind of cut or not. It will make it very easy for you when designing your own engagement ring.
  • Another thing you should do is draw a rough sketch of the ring and diamond design you want to use. This will help in making sure that your ideas are clearly defined.
  • You can also ask somebody with the required expertise to assist you when designing engagement rings, such as an expert jeweler.

As long as you are sure that your girlfriend will love the ring, it doesn’t matter whether you design your engagement ring. It’s the significance of what you are offering to her, not how much it cost. However, if you want to save money and still have a unique diamond engagement ring, I advise you to research well to do your own design.

It would help if you got a rough idea of the cost and what it would take to design a custom engagement ring by looking at the prices of different online stores that sell diamonds and other jewelry materials.

You need to make sure that she loves the kind of diamond cut you are planning to use. If so, then it shouldn’t matter whether you are custom designing your engagement ring or not.

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