How To Choose Your Lucky Number When Gambling Online? 

Many people have a lucky number when gambling online. Click here and learn to use the power of numbers and win more. 

What Is The Most Powerful Lucky Number When Gambling Online

There’s an inexplicable bond between people and numbers. Believing in lucky numbers is as old as people themselves. Some think there’s an unseen force that drives them forward in life, embodied in the form of a number. 

Gamblers are particularly superstitious people. It comes as no surprise, given that most casino games are tightly connected with luck. Thus, experienced punters will do everything not to provoke Lady Luck and keep her on their side as long as possible. Consequently, they have their own beliefs and follow superstitious rituals. While some rituals are connected with physical objects or behavioral patterns, others are strictly numerical. Think about it, how many times have you encountered the same number all over again? Let’s see whether there are any benefits of having a lucky number when gambling online. 

Number Symbolism Throughout History

People always had a special relationship with numbers. We can go as far and say it’s a love-hate eternal bond. People in ancient Greece believed the entire universe was based on numbers. Egyptians used numbers to predict eclipses and other astronomical phenomena. We can also notice ancient Babylonian also had a cult of numbers. Not to mention the famous number 13, which causes even the most rational people to give in to their superstition. Though, it is understandable as some numerical coincidences are challenging to explain. 

So, without further ado, let’s now focus our attention on the most common lucky numbers when gambling. 

Lucky Number 7

The human fascination with the number seven goes back thousands of years. In fact, you’ll often find religious people worshiping this number. Number seven is part of many myths and folklore and is mentioned many times in the Bible. In Chinese culture, the number 7 is associated with harmony encircled by yin, yang, and the five elements in Confucianism. 

If you ask random people to select a number between 1 and 10, 7 would be the most picked. We can even compare the stigma around this number with the idea around four-leaf clovers and the belief they bring good fortune. 

Thus, if you feel 7 is your lucky number when gambling online, give it a try. Try roulette or bingo online and wager on seven.

Date Of Birth As Your Luck Bringer

Instead of looking at myths and superstitions, try to create your symbols. You can start by combining your date of birth. Try to generate a formula based on which you can determine the number that can potentially bring you good fortune. For instance, let’s say your date of birth is 27.09. The calculation is as follows:

2+7+0+9 = 18

In this case, number 18 can bring you good luck. Let’s say you’re playing roulette. In this casino feature, you have inside and outside bets. The latter is being considered a safer type of wager. Thus, you can bet on:

  • Red Number,
  • Black Number,
  • Odd Number,
  • Even Number,
  • First 18 : 1-18,
  • Second 18: 19 – 36;

Accidentally or not, number 18, for someone born on 27.09, can bring good fortune, considering you can use this number in many variations. 

Numerology As a Path To Your Lucky Numbers

Some believe your numerology core consists of five master numbers:

  • Life Path,
  • Expression,
  • Soul,
  • Personality and,
  • Birthday Number. 

Furthermore, you can get your lucky number by following a straightforward pattern. The summation of your Life Path and Birthday number may potentially be your good fortune number. For instance, if you’re born on 12.04.1996, your Life Path number is 12 + 4 + 1996 = 2012. Moreover, the result of the summation between the numbers 2+0+1+2 = 5. Thus, your lucky number includes 5. What’s more, you can consider numbers that can be reduced to 5 as lucky numbers also, like 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and so on. You can continue the array until thousands or millions. 

Can We Predict Numbers In Gambling

What are the chances of landing our lucky number when gambling online? As you already know, there are no dealers or croupiers when visiting virtual operators except in the form of a live casino. However, this is an entirely different concept. 

Casino games are based on the Random Number Generator. RNG software contains an algorithm, which uses extensive calculations, making every outcome independent from the others. Considering the fact that RNG consists of functions or blocks, it makes it impossible to predict the result. Some of the most popular casino games like slots, bingo and roulette have built-in RNG software. 

Predicting The Best Online Casino

Using the same patterns, you can try and predict the perfect gambling establishment. Luckily, you can keep these calculations for finding your lucky number. Instead, you can use other means to discover more about the gambling industry and the upcoming trends. 

There is tons of material online that can help you find a suitable casino. You can read players’ reviews and find out more about their experiences. Moreover, you can find e-books that can help you enhance your knowledge and understand better inner workings of the vast gambling world. 

Furthermore, you can look for dedicated websites, which can provide you with a better insight into casino establishments. Such sources contain valuable information about the latest casino business practices and offers. IRL Casino is our favorite pick. Here, you can have real casino ratings in one place. 

However, you’re not obligated to stick with our recommendations. We advise players to look for different sources when selecting a casino. That way, you can address the issue from different angles and get an educated decision. 

Final Thoughts 

Many punters have their lucky number when gambling online. People always look for order in pleasant universal chaos. Thus, punters typically turn to superstition to make this chaos a bit more predictable. House is the ruler of the gambling world. They always have an advantage over players. No matter if it’s a killer strategy or a superstitious ritual, everything that swings the edge to your favor, even for a second, is recommended. 

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