How To Choose The Best Doctor For Vertigo Issue?

Many of us might feel dizzy or feel like we are about to faint even in situations where it’s not expected. You are not on top of any multi-story building, on the topmost floor, or not doing any kind of adventurous activity, but still, feel nauseous and dizzy? This can be because of vertigo. Vertigo is a medical condition where an individual can feel like his/her head is rotating and everything feels dizzy. In this article, we will be learning what exactly vertigo is, what are the symptoms, the reasons, and how to find the best doctor for vertigo to get the best treatment.

What Exactly Vertigo Is?

Vertigo is not a disease but a tingling sensation that makes everything spin. It occurs due to a defect in the inner ear which makes one feel like everything around them is revolving. There can be other symptoms occurring with vertigo effects such as headaches, vomiting, involuntary eye movements, imbalance in physical motion, and temporary hearing loss and all of these can happen for the moment when the vertigo effect occurs.

Why Does Vertigo Occur?

Vertigo can occur due to many reasons. A few natural reasons could be aging. Many elderly aged people feel vertigo and few women face it during pregnancy. A few medical reasons could be labyrinthitis where the vestibular of the inner ear would be infected with a virus that causes vertigo. Another medical reason is the formation of fluids inside the inner ear, which causes tingling and hearing loss effects during vertigo. It is termed Meniere’s disease. Another reason for vertigo can be an accumulation of calcium in an irregular location from its regular placement when dislocated, which causes a phenomenon called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, alias BPPV. All these reasons related to the inner ear and its parts are combined and called Peripheral vertigo which occurs due to any of the above-mentioned inner ear issues.

When vertigo occurs with severe impact and terrible symptoms such as hallucinations, and spinning of the surrounding, which gets worsened and is observed in cases of patients with brain injury or strokes.

Now that we have understood what is vertigo and what are the types, we will be looking at recovery methods, such as how to heal from vertigo and if we needed to see a doctor, and if so, when and why to see is important. It’s also really crucial to see the best doctors for vertigogiven the conditions of central vertigo especially as vertigo occurring due to brain injuries can be long-lasting episodes and will need properly prescribed medication. Cases, where vertigo occurs due to mental situations such as anxiety, stress, fear of heights, or motion sickness, will need some rehabilitation and therapy sessions to balance the lifestyle and make some corrections to their habits and sleep patterns which we will be looking into next.

What Can Be Done To Recover From Vertigo?

One can follow the below steps to self-care which, included in daily life will help reduce the worsening of the vertigo symptoms and everyday practice can help control the symptoms.

  • Follow simple exercises regularly to keep yourself fit
  • Put your head in a slightly tilted position while sleeping to ensure proper inclination
  • To a certain extent, avoid or stop bending down and suddenly raising.
  • Meditate and ensure to get a minimum of 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
  • Research on maneuver exercises and procedures to do and reduce BPPV effects
  • Practicing yoga, and relaxing poses like child pose, and corpse pose can help reduce vertigo effects.
  • Drinking enough water and staying hydrated
  • Spend time in the sunlight, to get natural access to vitamin D or take vitamin D supplements to avoid deficiency
  • Home remedies, trying natural foods such as ginger, turmeric, and other herbal supplements

Vestibular training, termed VRT is a rehabilitation therapy where the inner ear’s vestibular canaliths are treated and trained to overcome the vertigo effects which needs a Specialist, The Best Doctor For VertigoWhat Can The Doctors Do?

The best doctor for vertigo is an ENT specialist. These specialists are trained to cure any ear, nose, tongue related issues. They can help with any kind of health complications such as hypoglycemia, BPPV, and anemia which can be consulted with an ent surgeon and they will be the right person to get vertigo treated. Before consulting an ENT directly, when you observe symptoms, consult your general physician first. The general physician is the first go-to person, explain to them your symptoms and your first encounter with vertigo or vertigo-like dizziness and they will run some tests and will help you understand if the situation needs expertise from ENT or can it be handled with some self-care tips and procedures. If vertigo is observed as severity then The General Physician Will Recommend To ENT.

ENT doctor will again run an inner ear-specific test to check the vestibular status, the calcium canals re-positioning is checked if it is disoriented or not and after running these specific tests, the ENT will prescribe the required treatment or medication.

What Medications Can Be Given For Treating Vertigo?

Drugs such as promethegan, Dramamine, Bonine, meclizine, and many other chemicals are used in manufacturing the medicines which are used for pharmaceutical purposes. Anti-anxiety medications can reduce anxiety and help improve sleep. For vertigo due to stokes, an aspirin combination of medications is given. For nonmedical reasons, anti-depressants and anti-stressors can be a great help. Calcium blockers and serotonin boosters can also be used with permission from the best doctors for vertigo.

Surgery will be the last option and it is not required for every small vertigo. This surgery is important for patients with a terminal illness and long episodes. It applies to those with any kind of tumor or virus in their inner ear, around cochlea or vestibular canals, or in the brain, caused by injuries or strokes. These patients will need surgery as their last chance if the above-mentioned remedies do not work.

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