How to Bet on Cricket Online & Mobile Bets Explained

Cricket betting is a common and one of the most popular sports, with more than 350 million people regularly watching it on TV across the globe. Though betting on cricket is unregulated in the United States, there are no restrictions on where you can bet or how much you can bet like in other countries like England. Cricket betting can be done from any location and is available on a variety of devices.

Cricket is one of the most-watched sports, with millions worldwide tuning into their favorite team regularly. There is no better way to engage with cricket fans than on social media platforms and landing your business venture around it.

This article will explore the diverse types of betting platforms and what you can find on them. From simple to pick six to live bets and how to place cricket bets using mobile devices. There are multiple business opportunities available in the market for those who have got skills in sports betting, but then again, there is a need for an expert in selecting winning matches or predictions from an authoritative source.

The Game: Cricket

Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between 11 players on an oval-shaped field at the center of a rectangular 22-yard long pitch. The game can be played with a single cricket ball, but it’s more common to use four or six balls per over. A cricket match typically consists of one team facing another in two innings of 50 overs each.

In each inning, the teams bat alternately, usually with one team declaring its innings closed before the other team has faced its quota of overs. As many as five batsmen may be out when the first innings end; only one may be out when the second innings ended.

Each match consists of one innings, and matches are either played as single innings (50 overs) or two innings (100 overs). Occasionally, games may be abandoned after one team has scored a significant number of successful runs in what would normally be the winning team’s final over.

The main objective of battering on is to score more runs than the maximum possible. The defending team has taken indicators such as the number of runs required, how many wickets, and whether there are wickets left to take are considered when allocating runs. It is not uncommon for teams to follow a target run rate in making decisions about their batting order and bowling plans.

 Betting Types: In Person (at a Bookie) / Online & Mobile

The first way to place cricket bets is through brick and mortar (brick and mortar) bookmakers/betting shops. Most bookies will take bets on cricket matches during the middle of the match or in anticipation of a match that has not yet started. Each bet on a cricket match will require the following: A cricket match as a subject, an amount you are betting, and an outcome that will determine whether you win or lose your wager.


The process of cricket betting in person at a bookie is pretty straightforward. Just pick your matches and favorite stats, pay up, and within a few seconds, you’ll have your bet ticket. The downside to betting in person is that you’ll usually only find the more popular markets such as the outright winner of a tournament or league, line bets, 1st innings and 2nd innings totals etc.


Online cricket betting is the quickest and easiest method for placing bets on Cricket matches and tournaments, so if you want to take you chance at online cricket betting in India, all you need is a Web Connection and an individual account with one of the online gambling sites.

Cricket Betting Markets

Service allows you to make cricket bets on the go and keep up with all the latest happenings in world cricket. Cricket betting markets are available for every match, test series, tournament or league you could want. You can watch live streaming of matches and bet on them as they happen – this is a much better option than waiting for TV coverage which can often take hours!

Cricket Betting Instant Proof Lines (IPLs)

Cricket Betting Instant Proof Lines (IPLs) allow punters to bet on the outcome of the first pitch and wager on every over. This is the most popular format in cricket and can be bet on throughout the match. There is no guaranteed outcome with just IPLs, but they are a great way to enjoy betting on cricket.

Cricket Betting Instant Proof Lines (IPLs) + Tails Betting On Tails

Start the over on the first pitch without any wagers made? You can bet on how many overs the bowler will bowl. It’s a wager that pays out if the bowler bowls more or less than you predicted. For example, if you place a bet on 2 over (IPLs) and 1 square away from the line, the first 2 overs will be bowled. Betting on Tails can be a great way to bet on cricket during the second half of the match!

Number of Balls Remaining

The number a cricket match lasts for is the total number of balls remaining when the ball is bowled – this is also known as the ‘over’ in cricket. You can bet on this market and watch out for how many overs are left at certain stages of a match.

There are many other markets you can invest in when betting on cricket matches. Bookies will typically offer access to all current cricket betting markets, but you will need to speak with your preferred bookie to confirm what markets they offer.

Number of T20 Runs Required

Any cricket match can be bet on like a total No. of runs required to win the match or required to reach a certain score in the final innings. Decide whether an innings will be completed or if a team will lose at least one wicket before it ends.

Number of Sixes Left to Score

Cricket matches are known for the number of sixes that are hit out in them. Cricket betting markets include the overs in which the most sixes will be hit. You can bet on this as well, and watch out for how many sixes each team will hit.

Number of Wickets Left to Fall

There are a number of wickets left to fall markets that you can bet on as well. Betting on a cricket match as a first-innings outcome could be profitable if you know which team will take more wickets or let fewer runs.

Betting Rules

A cricket betting rule means that as soon as a player hits sixes or maidens for their team, their bets are paid by their online bookmakers. This is where you can get paid on cricket betting for free. The Cricket bet rule means that when a batsman makes a century, he gets paid by the online bookmakers.

Cricket Betting Tips

Bookie’s odds are based on public perception of the odds. Many people like to back a bookie favorite, especially when real money sports betting events are available for them to win. When you play cricket games, you must adhere to a single religious principle. The first thing to do is determine whether or not a match is played for a specific stake and duration. Any money placed at any stage of the game must be returned after the game concludes.

Closing Notes

Betting on cricket is popular all around the globe, and there are plenty of markets available. You can bet on results, outcomes, and specific additional markets throughout a cricket match. Cricket betting markets have been growing for years, and we can expect to see them continue to grow in popularity for years to come!

Watching cricket live online is the best way to watch any cricket match. You can place bets on cricket matches as they happen and watch them while you do so. Live bets allow you to enjoy that result has already been decided.

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