How Should You Use Google Docs Software Like A Pro?

Are you in a corporate house? Preparing Plans…Writing Articles…Presenting Ideas…?  Does that denote you are multitasking? 

Contemporary workplaces are turning out to be extremely complex. If you are to go with the flow, you ought to be multi-tasking and expert.

Contemporary office works are done in word processors, an important component of Office Suite.

All writing related activities are done on applications like Google Docs. Google Docs has an affinity with Pirate Bay as one could take down copyrighted content from the Internet Just the way software tools are downloaded from

In this article, we will be discussing Google Docs and the need to watch it as a pro.

Google Docs

Google Docs is actually a browser-based word processor. Here one could create, and share documents online.

Once work can be accessed through multiple computers via sharing the Google Docs link. Furthermore, mobile apps are available compatible with  Android as well as iOS processors.

It is akin to the most used Word Processor which is Microsoft Word. But it has a difference from Microsoft Word. This is one of the first word processors that works to offer shared documents that could be edited online.

This means Google has enabled sharing documents across the platform. And one browsing window work could be done together.

This means if one doc is created. Multiple persons will be able to work in that one Google Docs?

Benefits Of Google Docs 

As mentioned above, Google Docs is akin to that of Microsoft Word but has some other features too against MS Word. There are multiple benefits that Google Docs act to provide.

Compatibility With Ms. Word 

Google Docs finds compatibility with Microsoft Word. This denotes you could open Microsoft Word documents into Google Docs.

This could be done using the Chrome Extension. Google Docs documents could be downloaded as Microsoft Word documents.

Ease Of Collaboration 

Under this multiple Internet users could use one Google docs page at one particular time. People could work within the same document to avoid any kind of confusion.

Collaborators don’t even need a Google Account to view and edit Google documents.

Automatic Saving 

While you are working on Google Docs, it automatically gets endured that your writing or any change that you make are automatically synced across the devices.

Therefore you don’t have to worry about some files getting lost. This might happen with Microsoft Word. Something might go wrong with the file. Your content might not be saved. Not with Google Docs!

Feature Packed

Google docs offer different features like for instance Voice Typing, Bookmarks for Less scrolling, and clear formatting functions. These tools offer extra assistance to the users.

How To Use Google Docs Like A Pro? 

With the Advent of Google docs, the entire scenario of word processing got a paradigm shift.

Google Docs created some features like auto-saving, and collaborative work under one page to provide extra smoothness to projects.

Here is some advice on how to use Google Docs like a Pro?

Collaboration? Easy 

One of the most useful benefits that is available from Google Docs is that anyone with whom you share access will be able to work together.

This means you could do your projects with the help of multiple people. Anyone can log in with a unique hyperlink.

Moreover, if you want to share the document to someone who is not a collaborator, you could directly send it via mail.

Enriching You Document 

You could do all the research without leaving your word processor. It could be done both from your mobile as well as your computer.

Cropping Images  

Docs have its own tool that will let you crop as well as edit images etc. You will just have to Click Image within your document.

Click the Format Menu and there select “Image”. There you will find a command for Cropping.

Word Meaning

You’ve used some words but are not confident in the meaning and application. In that case, you go on to press Ctrl-Shift-Y while putting the cursor on the word.

On the right end of the Docs, you will be able to get the meaning.


Language should not be a barrier to communicating. Docs have a native system that can translate the entire document into different languages.

Just click the Tools menu and select “ Translate Document” to get it done.


You could email messages to the Collaborators. You could also send any attachment directly from the dock itself. You could do it with “ Email Collaborator”.


Other than this there are a host of functions that one could perform using Google Docs.

Functions like Turning the document into life, functioning Web page, Sending a copy of the document via email, and much more are offered by Google Docs.

Google Docs, by dint of its exceptional qualities, has become a reliable tool to professionals.

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