How Do Pharmacies Use QR Codes Today?

With every pill you take for medication, how can you guarantee that its manufacturer followed the production rules and regulations?

It’s no secret that counterfeit goods are getting better with modern technology. Fake products have gained up to 2.3 trillion dollars from apparel to food and prescription drugs in 2022.

To mitigate this issue, pharmaceutical companies are stepping up the game in authenticating the medicine they manufacture and distribute to pharmacies.

But as some authentication tools can be costly, it is crucial to look for a better and cost-effective alternative.

With a QR code generator with logo online, pharmaceutical companies can use customized QR codes to authenticate their products and simplify operations.

Curious about how they do it? Here are some helpful use cases you may encounter when going to your local pharmacy today.

How Are QR Codes Used By Pharmacies Today? 

Prescription Drug Ordering

To avoid long lines in pharmacies, customers are thankful for pharmacies that offer prescription drug ordering services. Because of that, customers can order ahead before going to the store or have it delivered to their homes.

Using their website, customers can submit their prescriptions and wait for the pharmacist in charge to approve their orders.

To easily redirect customers to their online ordering page when requesting a refill, pharmacies attach QR codes to their mailing package.

CVS, an American retail corporation, uses QR codes to redirect customers to the CVS Caremark website where they can place their orders.

Storing Med Guides and Prescription

To minimize the use of paper when giving out prescriptions, hospitals and clinics are encouraged to digitize how they give out prescriptions to their patients.

They can do this by simply converting their med guides into a PDF file then generate a PDF QR code for it.

The QR codes can then be placed on the packaging that the customers receive.

Military treatment facility pharmacies use QR codes to store med guides and prescriptions to help educate patients about the medicines they need to take.

Direct App Downloading

Pharmacies are modernizing the way they operate by going digital and developing a mobile app for their customers to use.

With most customers ordering and paying using their smartphones, having a mobile app that can do both is an advantage.

Henry Schein Pharmacy uses QR codes to encourage customers to download their Discount Apps and enable them to shop using the app and get awesome deals.

Giving Access to Video Guides

For audio-visual customers, pharmacies can use QR codes to store video-based instructions on preparing and taking the medicine they purchase correctly.

Forty Aces pharmacy uses QR codes to store video guides and educate customers about the medications they inquire about and purchase.

Collecting Customer Feedback and Review

Pharmacists are gathering customer feedback and reviews to improve their facilities and services.

Aside from that, it also helps build trust in their brand since reviews are a way to improve and show how they care for their consumers.

Using QR codes, pharmacies can speed up the process of asking and receiving customer feedback and reviews.

This also helps increase their online visibility on pharmacy review sites and forums.

Pharmacies can create branded QR codes using a QR code software as QRTIGER online where they can customize their QR code designs by adding their logo on it.

As a company, reassuring consumers is crucial since they’re already in a vulnerable state.

Help them worry less by taking precautions so they can trust your brand and provide the resources that prove how they can rely on you.

With QR codes, you can give them the reassurance they need and more.

Integrate QR codes in your pharmaceutical operations today.

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