How Can I Take Care of Kratom Plants?

Growing and caring for any pant can be challenging as it involves a lot of work. You must care for their nutrition and ensure they get good sunlight and water. Moreover, be sure that there are no pests that can ruin your effort. If you are a kratom user contemplating growing kratom plants at home, you may have asked, ‘how can I take care of kratom plants?’ and the answer is right here.

Growing kratom plants at home

OPMS kratom plants grow in humid and temperate regions of Southeast Asia. The high temperatures and humidity, along with the specific soil composition, make these plants rich in alkaloids. However, if you live in America, creating the same temperature and humid conditions for the plant to thrive might be challenging. Nevertheless, it is possible if you care for the plant and ensure that it gets the right environment.

Where to plant kratom?

When you decide to grow a kratom tree, pick out a location for it. This location will depend on the climate of your location. If you live in Kansas, Nevada, or Texas, the weather can be hot during summers, and during winters, you can place a hot light near the tree. Many growers use greenhouses to ensure that their plants get the right factors.

Indoor plantation can be easier in a cold state by keeping it warm and ensuring some humidity in the air. The kratom plant can grow well if these factors are met. However, you will have to move it out once it grows significantly.

Moving the plant as it grows

When you plant the seeds, you can select a small pot, but as soon as it grows roots and shoots, you will have to move it to a bigger pot. Gradually, the plant will grow taller, and you will have to move it outdoors. When this happens, make sure that you move it to a spot where it gets maximum sunlight, and the humidity factor can be met by either covering the plant or creating a mist by spraying water during sunlight hours. These small hacks can make a big difference, although they would require some time from you as well.

Dormant season management

When the kratom plant does not grow in the most favourable environment, it will spend its energy trying to survive instead of growing in height. This is natural, but it also means that you will have to give it better soil and dial up the care by installing plant lamps and adding humidifiers to the room so that the plant can grow well and gives leaves that will provide the results you always wanted.

Even when the most favourable conditions prevail, your kratom plant will go through dormancy when the temperatures fall in fall or winter. You will also need help with small issues like lower propagation than other plants. Growers can use plastic bags to cover the plant pots when they plant seeds. The success rate is generally low, so don’t worry if you have to do this several times.


Caring for a Mit 45 plant can be challenging when the climate of your location does not match the climatic conditions of the Southeast Asian region, where high temperatures and humidity. Keep the plant indoors and then move it outdoors when it grows enough. The plant’s growth will be good if the environmental conditions are met.

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