How a Website Design Service in Brooklyn, NY, Can Help You Avoid These Common Mistakes

Is website design only about what you can see? It most definitely isn’t, as Steve Jobs argued. Website design is all about “how it works.” Even if the design is great, it doesn’t automatically means it works perfectly. While you can come up with a visually-pleasing site design, you may not know how to make it work.

This is when hiring professional website design services can be a wise move. They will ensure that the site can convert visitors into paying customers and attract new ones. In doing so, they know what to do and what to avoid.

Lead Generation and B2B Applications: In the B2B realm, website visitor identification plays a crucial role in lead generation. By tracking the behavior of business visitors and identifying the specific companies visiting a website, organizations can prioritize and target potential clients. This information is particularly valuable for sales teams, enabling them to reach out to warm leads with a better understanding of their needs and interests. Visitor identification tools like IP tracking and reverse IP lookup are commonly used in this context.

Look for a “web design company near me” in Brooklyn, NY, if you own a business here. You can learn the best tips and tricks to make your site stand out from the rest. For instance, when you design by yourself, there are a handful of design features that can actually backfire, causing you to lose customers.

Read on to know what these apparently simple mistakes are:

  1. Confused messaging: If the site design fails to convey a clear message, it can be hard for visitors to know what to find where on the site. For starters, you cannot expect anyone to go through the entire text. If the text has complicated jargon, that is enough to put off the reader. It’s important to address your prospective customers as if they were

middle-school graders. If you make the mistake of talking past customers, they will move away.

  • Flat design: A site has to look just like what people want them to look like. The design should be simple enough for people to understand how to navigate the site. They must get the right signals to guide them on what they have to do next. Nothing can be left to chance if you must boost conversions; make sure your visitors know where to click on.
  • Stock images: You must have seen this plenty of times while browsing websites. It’s easy and cost-effective, and it may actually look aesthetic. The outcome? The version you use may not match the original! To make your site stand out, use professional photographs. Stock images can work for blog posts but not on conversion-driven web pages.
  • High-resolution images: Given that images can boost user engagement by almost 94% and drive conversions, shouldn’t you use high-resolution pictures? Large images can look perfect on your screen, but they can take an incredibly long time to load. The result? Your visitors get tired of waiting and move elsewhere. When you work with a Long Island web design company, you can avoid this mistake. They use advanced tools to avoid slow speeds that can damage SEO and conversion rates.
  • Equally-weighted CTAs: This can be confusing for the visitor. This happens when a couple of CTAs look almost the same, and there’s no real visual cue for the reader to understand which they should click on first. A professional offering web design in Brooklyn, NY, will know how to place CTAs and lead the way for visitors. They will make sure they find a clear path to the key call to action.
  • Clean organization: The pages must be optimally organized to boost conversions. Some pages must have the same type of structure to help people find a new service or product easily, even if they are visiting your site for the first time.

It’s easy to avoid these mistakes when you have professionals like Long Island Web Design guiding you all the way.

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