Green Crack feminized seeds

Green Crack feminized seeds give home growers the potential to grow a powerful, high-yielding, sativa-dominant hybrid strain.

Green Crack provides users with an energizing and uplifting high thanks to its huge amounts of THC. A dash of indica helps users gently splash down after their cerebral trip.

Feminized Green Crack seeds contain plenty of Skunk genes, resulting in a pervasively aromatic strain with an added tropical citrus zing.

Stay with us to learn all about this Snoop-Dogg endorsed strain. You’ll learn all about its effects, flavors, and genetics. We’ll also impart some growing advice for this cultivar and where you can buy your own Green Crack feminized marijuana seeds.

You’ll need some experience to get the best out of your Green Crack fem seeds, but they’ll reward you for your efforts.

Okay, let’s get started!

Green Crack feminized seeds description

Breeders created these feminized Green Crack seeds to make growing productive crops as easy as possible.

Non-feminized cannabis seeds can develop into both male and female plants. While male plants are useful for breeding purposes, they won’t produce any smokable bud.

Male plants can also negatively impact your harvest by pollinating nearby females. Pollinated female cannabis plants cease flower production, and seeds form in existing flowers.

Green Crack feminized seeds don’t contain a Y-chromosome. They produce female plants in almost every instance, guaranteeing high yields of sinsemilla.

Before getting into the finer details here’s an overview of what you’ll get from growing Green Crack fem seeds:

  • Seed Type: Green Crack feminized seeds
  • Phenotype: Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Genetic Background: Skunk #1 x unknown hybrid x Skunk #1
  • THC: 17–25%
  • CBD: 0–2%
  • Flowering Time: 7–9 weeks
  • Effects: Energizing, uplifting and relaxing
  • Flavor / Aroma: Earthy, herbal, and citrus
  • Indoor yield: 21 oz. / m²
  • Outdoor yield: 28–42 oz. / plant
  • Height: 2–3 feet
  • Grow Difficulty: Intermediate

Green Crack feminized effects

Growing Green Crack feminized seeds ultimately produces highly potent weed that delivers a blast of mental stimulation and energy. The enjoyably euphoric high makes Green Crack a perfect wake-and-bake, leaving you with enough optimism to take on the world.

After a few hits of Green Crack, a surge of vigor ignites the mind sparking creative thoughts and increased focus. The get-up-and-go qualities make tackling any task an enjoyable endeavor.

Weed grown with Green Crack fem seeds is also great for socializing, sparking fluid, fun conversation. Creative users appreciate its imaginative and inspiring properties that serve as your own personal muse for artistic purposes.

After a lengthy period, Green Crack’s indica qualities emerge. Moderate intake imparts a mellow, chilled-out body-high that loosens tight muscles and soothes cramps. Keep smoking, and getting up from the couch becomes increasingly difficult.

Plants grown from Green Crack feminized seeds contain very high amounts of cannabinoids, evident in the weed’s intense high. Buds contain an immense 17–25% THC and between 0–2% CBD.

Such strong weed means low-tolerance smokers need to take their time. Have a toke and wait for the effects to arrive before smoking more. Too much too quickly can cause headaches and bouts of paranoia or anxiety.

More minor side-effects applied to all smokers can include red, dry eyes, cottonmouth, and severely increased appetite. These are all pretty manageable and nothing new to most smokers; stay hydrated, keep eye drops handy, and stock your fridge.

Green Crack feminized flavors

Green Crack feminized seeds develop into appealingly aromatic bud-bearing plants. The weed has an earthy, herbal scent owing to its Skunk heritage, cut with a sweet and sharp tropical citrus fragrance.

Once dried and cured, the smell intensifies, but its ‘skunkiness’ mellows out somewhat. The tart fruitiness emanating from a bag of Green Crack promises a delicious smoke.

Once you spark a bowl, you’ll be glad you grew these feminized Green Crack seeds. The thick smoke rolls across the tongue, delivering a fruit cocktail of flavor. Limonene and myrcene give Green Crack a mango and citrus taste, with undertones of earth and herbs.

How to germinate Green Crack feminized seeds

Germinating seeds can be a time of anxiety and stress, but we’re here to ease your worries. Germination is a natural process that occurs simply under the right conditions.

We’ll show you two easy ways to provide those conditions for your Green Crack fem seeds.

You can use either of the following methods to germinate your feminized Green Crack seeds successfully. Both methods let you easily check the progress of the germinating seeds safely.

All you need for this first method is some bottled water and a glass. Once you’ve got both, follow these steps:

  1. Half fill the glass with water. Glass makes checking the seeds easy.
  2. Put your Green Crack feminized seeds in the glass. After a few hours, they’ll stop floating and sink to the bottom.
  3. Leave the glass undisturbed in a dark, warm place for 12 hours. Check the seeds’ progress every 12 hours.
  4. Your seeds may not all open at the same time. Once a seed shows a taproot, move it to its growth medium. Repeat for all your seeds.

The feminized Green Crack seeds should sprout within a day or two. Any seeds still unopened after three or four days are likely non-viable.

The next method is called the paper towel method and is just as simple as the glass procedure. You’ll need the following:

  • two paper towels,
  • bottled or purified water,
  • two plates,
  • some tweezers,
  • your feminized Green Crack seeds.

Follow these steps when ready:

  1. Wet the paper towels and wring out any excess water.
  2. Cover one plate with one wet towel. Arrange your seeds on the towel, leaving some space in between.
  3. Cover your Green Crack fem seeds with the second wet towel. Ensure there’s no standing water on the plate.
  4. Cover the plate with the other plate, creating a basic germination chamber.
  5. Put your seeds in a warm dark place and check on them every 12 hours. Ensure the towels don’t dry out by periodically sprinkling water on them.
  6. Once your Green Crack feminized seeds begin to show white taproots, it’s time to plant. Use the tweezers to move the seeds to their medium gently.

Either of the above processes makes germinating cannabis seeds a breeze.

Green Crack feminized seeds grow information

You can grow Green Crack feminized seeds outside or indoors under controlled conditions. They’ll be happy in either organic soil or a hydroponic setup. This strain isn’t particularly difficult to grow, but fulfilling its maximum potential requires some skill. It’s best suited for intermediate to advanced cultivators.

Growing feminized Green Crack seeds indoors allows you to control the environment precisely and cultivate year-round. This unusually compact sativa-dominant cultivar tops out at around three feet. Branches and stems are slender and often need structural support.

Keep pH levels between 5.8–6.8 and avoid overfeeding to prevent nutrient burn. As the plants enter their 7–9 week flowering period, maintain temperatures around 70–79°F. Keep relative humidity levels lower than 60%, and drop to 50% for the last few weeks of flowering.

When harvest time arrives, indoor growers yield copious amounts of bud. Well-managed indoor gardens provide up to 21 oz. / m². These tiny Green Crack fem seeds are packed with potential!

Growing Green Crack feminized marijuana seeds outdoors requires a warm sunny climate and a watchful eye. You can grow this cultivar in the Northern hemisphere, harvesting by September, but the best yields need a Mediterranean-style climate.

Choose a well-lit spot to plant your feminized Green Crack seeds and pay careful attention as they grow. In the absence of temperature and humidity control, you’ll need to prune regularly and feed sparingly to stave off mold.

Outdoor yields under optimally sunny conditions are staggering. Each plant can provide an astonishing amount of stimulating weed. Expect yields ranging between 28–42 oz. per plant.

Green Crack feminized seeds genetics

Breeders created Green Crack feminized seeds by first crossing the famous Skunk #1 with an unknown mystery strain. They then, once again, crossed the resulting plant with Skunk #1.

The result of this extra-skunky three-way was originally known as Green Cush. The weed’s electrifying effects soon garnered it a new name. Upon smoking the THC-loaded Green Cush, Snoop Dogg relabeled it as Green Crack, and the name has stuck ever since.

Here’s what we know about the genetics of feminized Green Crack seeds.


Skunk #1 hybrid




Green Crack

Skunk #1
  Skunk #1

Where to buy Green Crack feminized seeds

Highly attractive qualities have made Green Crack’s popularity soar, leading to increased availability. Getting your hands on Green Crack feminized seeds shouldn’t prove too difficult, and there’s a couple of options available.

If you live in a legal state, you can check your local headshops for feminized Green Crack seeds. Keep in mind that smaller stores don’t always store seeds properly, making it hard to ensure you’re getting the best quality product.

You’ll find better quality seeds at medical dispensaries, so it might be worth checking to see if they carry Green Crack fem seeds. Remember, you’ll have to get a medical certificate to make any purchases.

A quicker, more reliable option would be to use a respected online seed store. Online seed banks store their seeds in environmentally-controlled areas. They also usually offer a wider variety than brick-and-mortar dispensaries and at highly competitive prices.

Online stores also offer a wealth of information and tips on their strains. With this valuable knowledge, you can raise your plants with confidence. Take a look at Homegrown Cannabis Co’s seeds page for Green Crack feminized seeds.

Put some pep in your step with Green Crack

It might take a bit of effort and care to grow feminized Green Crack seeds, but the end results are more than worth it.

Astronomical THC levels and supremely stimulating cerebral satisfaction make Green Crack a compulsory cultivar for sativa-loving farmers. Add to that the titanic yields possible after a reasonable flowering time of just 7–9 weeks, and you’ve got one impressive strain.

If you’re as enthusiastic about weed as Snoop and fancy growing this phenomenal phenotype, don’t wait any longer. Get yourself over to Homegrown Cannabis Co and pick up a pack of Green Crack feminized seeds today.

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