Good vs. Bad Portable Trade Show Displays

No one wants to spend a bunch of time preparing for a trade show event only to have it flop, right? There’s no need to fear anymore because here are some tips and ways to compare good vs. bad trade show displays. If you’re nervous about how your display is going to turn out or if you’re new to the game, trade show displays are a fantastic and simple option to guarantee success.

How to make your booth a success

You want to make your trade show booth open and inviting to everyone who walks by. Have your team who is running the booth stand in front of the booth, rather than behind it. If you have a table or a booth instead of a custom 10×10 tent between you and your audience, there is an extra barrier between you and a potential customer. This is what you want to avoid!

Research your competitors by learning more about their products or services or perhaps attend other trade show events they might be present at. Use these tactics to your advantage and allow your display booth to stand outside of the box. You want to make a memorable impression on anyone and everyone present.

Along with making your booth open and inviting, find something to captivate your audience whether that be with music, signage, food, handouts, you name it. Identify who your audience is so you can best customize the experience for them. Your audience will be different from each show that you attend, so you’ll want to customize your experience.

What to avoid for your booth

As mentioned before, don’t stand behind your booth and allow yourself to engage with your audience. One of the worst possible things you can do for your trade show booth is having a team who doesn’t know how to run the booth. All that is needed is preparation and training in advance so those present can feel confident in their knowledge. Having someone who is not engaging or doesn’t know the business’ products or services is a disaster waiting to happen. All of this can be avoided by having training and preparation. 

There is a fine line between making your display engaging and overwhelming. Discuss with your team what each of those outcomes may look like and find what will help your trade show booth to be successful. A beneficial skill to use is to ensure that every part of your booth has a purpose. Don’t have random flyers or handouts that don’t pertain to your booth or the message you’re trying to convey.

Ultimately, use these key points to reference in preparation for your next trade show event that you attend. Keep an open mind on how to consistently improve your booth as well as your products. This guide is a great starting point but there are always more improvements that can always be done. Remember that there are always resources available to help you with ideas or even building your portable trade show display for all types of events. Best of luck!

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