Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds

With a name like Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds, GSC, or Cookies, you probably expect sweet, tasty buds. That’s what you’ll get, along with a euphoric high that culminates with putting you into a deep slumber.

The feminized seeds are also perfect for new and experienced growers who want a hassle-free growing process and huge yields.

As we review the feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds, you’ll find out why GSC has won top prizes and is favored by users and cultivators everywhere.

Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds description

No one knows the origins of Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds because the strain’s breeders chose to remain anonymous.

It’s common knowledge in the 420 community, though, that the indica hybrid was created in a garage in the Sunset District of San Francisco. It appeared on the cannabis scene circa 2010–2012.

With a heritage that includes cannabis superstars, OG Kush and Durban Poison, it’s no wonder that Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds offer high-THC buds.

Like their namesake, Girl Scout Cookies give you sweet, delicious buds that make you long for more. They’re potent and leave you relaxed while your anxiety and worries melt away. The strain is perfect for those looking for a recreational toke or seeking relief from ailments.

The feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds mean that you don’t have to worry about getting male plants. These seeds have been specially created to exclude the male chromosome, so you only grow female plants that produce the buds you want.

This feature makes GSC suitable for beginner cultivators as you don’t need to know how to identify males and remove them. You also maximize your growing area as 100% of your plants will generate buds.

Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds have won several accolades at the High Times Cannabis Cup. GSC came in top for best hybrid at the 2013 California Cannabis Cup and the U.S. Cannabis Cup.

Let’s find out the traits that contribute to the strain’s success.

Girl Scout Cookies feminized effects

Feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds give you potent buds with THC levels of up to 21%. Users report experiencing the physical effects of this indica-dominant strain as well as a sativa euphoric high.

When you start smoking, you experience ecstasy, followed by feeling uplifted and chatty. It’s ideal for introverts who want to socialize. You also feel your creative juices flowing freely, allowing you to enjoy artistic activities.

Consuming the feminized Girl Scout Cookies strain makes you crave snacks, and you’ll find yourself reaching for food.

While it’s not medically proven, cancer patients undergoing chemo and radiation treatment have found an increase in appetite when consuming this strain.

Smoking feminized Girl Scout Cookies has a calming effect. You feel your worries and anxiety drift away, leaving you without a care in the world. Users report that the marijuana strain helps them deal with stress.

As your muscles relax and loosen, you find relief from aches and pain. At the end of the day, you ease into a peaceful slumber. This effect can help people with sleeping difficulties.

Using feminized Girl Scout Cookies is like any other marijuana strain. Experiencing common side effects such as cottonmouth is the norm. Drink plenty of water, and you’ll be fine.

If you have dry eyes, you can easily treat them with eye drops. Be sure to have a bottle nearby before you begin smoking.

Until you’re used to the effects of toking feminized Girl Scout Cookies, start with low doses. Strains with a high THC content can cause dizziness and paranoia. You might also feel more anxious.

If you’re very sensitive to THC and suffer from those side effects at small doses, we suggest you switch to another cannabis strain.

Disclaimer: The information about the medical benefits of feminized Girl Scout Cookies is for knowledge only. Don’t treat it as advice. Please consult a medical professional before you use any alternative therapies.

Girl Scout Cookies feminized flavors

Some cultivators and users claim that the buds produced by feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds smell like candy. Others describe the aroma as caramel-like or earthy.

When smoked, you’ll experience a sweet, fruity flavor accompanied by a hint of vanilla. There might be a mild minty and sawdust aftertaste. If you want to discover more about the GSC flavors and smells, click here to know more about the strain.

How to Germinate Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds

Be sure to get high-quality feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds. They may cost more, but you won’t risk getting duds.

A successful harvest begins at the germination stage.

Done right, you give your plant a healthy start, and with the proper care, you’ll be rewarded with a bumper yield.

There are several ways to germinate your Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds, including:

  • In soil
  • With water
  • Using paper towels
  • Let’s take a closer look at these three.

The paper-towel method

All you need are your feminized Girl Scout Cookies strain seeds and a few inexpensive household items:

  • A plastic container with a cover or two plates
  • Two sheets of paper towels
  • Pure, unchlorinated water
  • Misting spray bottle
  • A pair of tweezers

Here’s a brief explanation of the step-by-step process.

Prepare everything you need on a clean table. Hygiene is super important when germinating your feminized Girl Scout Cookies strain seeds.

Use the misting bottle to moisten the paper towels, so you don’t soak them. Wring the napkins, if necessary, to get rid of any excess water.

Place one damp towel in the container or on the plate. Use the tweezers to arrange the Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds on the napkin, ensuring they’re about an inch apart.

Cover the seeds with the other moist towel. Make sure the seeds are not drenched in water.

Keep the plate or container in a dark place. You can put it in a cupboard or drawer.

Leave the feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds there for 24–120 hours. Check daily to ensure they don’t dry out. Spray the seeds to keep them moist all the time. It’s best to set a reminder, so you don’t forget.

When you notice the taproot, the seed is ready for planting.

Germinating in soil

Many growers practice this method as it’s how marijuana plants grow in nature.

Planting your Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds in soil protects the delicate taproot when it sprouts. You eliminate the risk of damaging the root by not handling the seed during the germination process.

It’s essential that you use potting soil or a seed starter with a pH of about 6 as they contain microbes and minerals for young cannabis plants.

When using soil to germinate your feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds, don’t add nutrients to the potting soil, which already has an adequate amount for the initial two weeks of the plant’s life. Adding more can lead to “nute burn,” harming your seedlings.

Make sure your soil remains moist. Within 4–7 days, stems will emerge. Transplant your plants into a bigger pot when they’re about four inches tall.

Water germination method

To germinate your feminized Girl Scout Cookies strain seeds with water, fill a glass with plain water and wait for it to reach room temperature. Ideally, it should be about 65°F.

Place 2–3 seeds into the water and wait for the roots to appear. During the process, refill the glass with water every other day. Maintain the temperature throughout the stage.

It typically takes 24–48 hours for your feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds to sprout taproots. It’s alright if it takes longer. Once your seeds have roots, you may plant them in soil.

While this technique is simple, be very careful when handling the seeds—you might damage the fragile roots.

There are other ways to germinate your Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds, but we suggest you stick to these three tried and tested methods if you wish to experiment. They’ve been proven to be very successful.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized seeds grow information

Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds are ideal for new cultivators because they’re hardy. They flourish in any setupwith the proper care and adequate nutrients.

The feminized seeds assure you of high yields as you’re guaranteed all-female plants 99% of the time.

After germinating your feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds, you can grow the seedlings in soil or hydroponics. The medium you use isn’t as critical as making sure you feed your plants with the right amount and ratio of nutrients.

You can add fertilizer to your soil if you find it lacking in nutes. With hydroponics, you must remember to add nutrients to the water.

With ideal growing conditions, your feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds will produce medium-sized plants with healthy foliage. The average height is five feet tall.

You can stimulate taller growth and more flowers by regularly trimming off the lower fan leaves. Use techniques such as ScrOG (Screen of Green) or SOG (Sea of Green) to maximize your yield.

As the feminized Girl Scout Cookies strain is indica-dominant, the plants are tall and flexible, so you can weave them through a screen when you use the former training method.

It doesn’t matter which technique you use. You’ll ensure that the maximum number of colas gets enough light. If you’re a beginner, experiment with both to decide which one works best for you.

Feminized Girl Scout Cookies thrive in warm and dry climates. Avoid exposing the cultivar to high humidity as it can stimulate mold growth. Maintaining temperatures of between 68–79°F is ideal.

After germination, expect to harvest nugs in 8–10 weeks. If cultivating indoors, you can look forward to about 17.6 oz./m2. Outdoor plants can produce up to 19 oz. each.

Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds genetics

Although little is known about its origins, what’s certain is that Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds have excellent genes. The offspring of two highly potent cultivars, the well-loved OG Kush and Durban Poison, GSC packs a powerful punch.

The predominantly indica hybrid offers users an amazing high along with many medicinal benefits.

OG Kush  

Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds

Durban Poison

Where to buy Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds

When buying seeds, be aware that it’s possible to get those that won’t sprout roots if you choose a vendor that’s not verified. If you’re looking for feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds that are guaranteed to germinate, you can get them from Homegrown Cannabis Co.

The company has been supplying growers with high-quality seeds for many years. Besides offering competitive prices, they also have regular BOGO (Buy One Get One) promos.

Check their website, and if your timing is right, you get two packets of Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds for the price of one. Even if you don’t find the seeds on offer, you get an excellent deal with their prices.

Alternatively, you can head to your nearest dispensary. A lot of stores stock these seeds as they’re a fan favorite.

Don’t miss out on feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced cultivator, Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds are excellent. Using them, you’re assured of a crop of female plants that’ll reward you with sweet, delicious, and candy-like buds.

The strain doesn’t require any special care, but you can use ScrOg and SOG training techniques to maximize your yield.

The potent feminized Girl Scout Cookies strain melts your stress away and gets rid of aches and pain. It can increase your appetite and lull you to sleep like a baby.

GSC checks all the boxes that growers and users want in a marijuana cultivar. If there’s a strain you must have, this is the one.

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