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Shakespeare has once told that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Up until now, there were a lot of toxic beauty standards. But as time flows those foolish, baseless arguments will disappear into thin air. As time passes, we see things in a clearer way. Hence people have realized beauty is not what others deem beauty but is what one deems beauty for themselves. We do not dress up for others to pass judgments, but we dress up to feel confident and what we deem is fashionable.

As time passed like the fashion industry also changed and those toxic standards. Nowadays they prepare such clothes that what people deems fashionable, not someone with a pen and paper deems fashionable. As a result, comfort also became a part of the trendiest designs. There are no more mismatched colors or some pieces of cloths which hang there for no special reason but some stylists see it as fashion. Now everything makes sense for even the most common people. Those senseless clothes or colors do not have a banner in the name of fashion to hide behind.

Skirts or dresses are not the only things that make her beautiful. Trousers and pants can also make her beautiful. She does not have to be limited to baby pink or hot pink. She can also wear black or bright blue. It is her choice and we, Jurllyshe helps you to choose that.

About Jurllyshe

Jurllyshe is a brand that offers the trendiest yet comfortable clothes and wigs which doesn’t put a limit on you.

We always try and achieve our aim which is to give you the trendiest yet comfortable clothes. We offer all types of clothes in all colors. We do not wish to limit you to a dress in pink. We offer more than that.

Wigs are a blessing to many; to those with some ailments or to those with less not-so-healthy hair because they too have the right to try and wear all the trendy hairstyles, with comfort.

There are two items which you will be interested in; matching sets and headband wigs

Matching sets

Matching sets are the clothing of two pieces that match each other as if they are one-piece, but in reality, are two pieces, that may be a hoodie and trainer or a top and skirt or even any type of top and any type of bottom. They are of different colors, from white to black and plain to floral patterns. And not to mention they are of all sizes

Headband wigs

The headband wigs are wigs with a headband. Whether or not to wear that headband is up to you, because they can be removed. And those headbands are also of different shades and designs. Wigs are of top quality and are lace front wigs. They are also of different shades, from palest blond to ebony black and tight curls to silky smooth and straight. If you want a middle-parted wig or a side-parted, we can also offer you that.


Fashion does not always dress; two pieces are also a part of that. And wigs are common and we give those you can afford. Jurllyshe offers you gorgeous matching sets and trendy headband wigs and many more, so shop with Jurllyshe.

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