Fixed odds betting football

Football betting with fixed odds is one of the most popular methods of betting in the United Kingdom. Fixed odds betting, for those unfamiliar with the world of sports investment, is betting against the bookie with odds established at the time you place your wager. The odds are usually fixed, though the category of fixed odds betting has been broadened to cover opening price bets in some circumstances. The highest odds for beginning price bets are not determined until the match begins.

Football fixed odds betting เกมคาสิโนสด is one of the most popular sorts of gambling or betting in the UK and one of the most profitable for bookmakers in the past. Bookmakers have been able to maintain their books well-balanced by using fixed odds football betting. This means that all bets are set up in such a way that the bookmaker cannot pay out more than he has taken in and can profit from an overround.


  • Your return will be calculated by multiplying your stake by the odds available. For example, a £15 bet on a horse at 15/1 will return £150 plus your £15 stake if the horse wins. You will lose £15 if the horse does not win the race.
  • If your bet wins, you’ll get a fraction of your initial wager back. For example, a £100 bet on a cricket team to win at 1/5 would return £20 in addition to the original £100 deposit. You will forfeit the £100 if that cricket team does not succeed.
  • If your bet wins, you will receive the same amount as your stake. For example, if you bet £65 on a football club to win at even money, you’ll get £65 back plus your original £65 wager if they win. You will lose £65 if that team does not succeed.

the difference between fixed odds sports betting and sports spread betting

Spread betting allows you to put your sporting knowledge to better use than fixed odds betting. Fixed odds betting is an essential ‘win or loss’ scenario, so you know exactly how much you’ll win or lose as soon as you place your bets. The amount you win or lose when your accuracy governs spread betting. There are many more possibilities with spread betting than just two, and the more correct you are, the more money you win. In the same manner, the more a result goes against you, the more money you will lose.

Sporting Index, for example, is betting on the number of corners in the Real Madrid vs. Manchester United clash. Our expectation is 10.5–11. You decide there will be more than 11 corners and purchase a total of 11 for £5.


You decide how much you want to bet, and you know that if you correctly predict the outcome, you will win money regardless of the point differential.

You are also guaranteed an outcome unless you bet on a sport that can result in a tie (such as soccer). When a spread bet “pushes,” the bet is void, but there are no pushes with fixed odds. There is no in-between; you either win or lose.

The bottom line:                                                                     

Conclusively fixed odds betting in football is a simple method to get started in sports betting, especially if you are a novice. There are few surprises, and you know precisely what you’re getting yourself into when you put a wager. Instead of dealing with the complications of spread betting, this type of betting allows you to enjoy the game instead of worrying about a specific side winning by a certain number of points.

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