Fashion and Costume Jewelry


Jewelry is considered as a mean to showcase one-self outwardly and to beautify certain aspects of the human body that appeal to the beholder.Simply said, jewelry from is the accessory to beautify the looks of the human body may it be male or female.

Jewelry business has grown immensely with a lot of developed creativity for the consumer. This in turn has influenced the way people dress today and the perception they want to install in the society. It can be surely said that jewelry has grown on humans in the sense most of the society seems to be fond of it and utterly taken by surprise with the creativity it depicts.

Two mainstream types of jewelry are:

  • Costume jewelry

This type of jewelry dates back to early 1900’s making it more historical than fashion jewelry. It can easily be understood in defining terms that costume jewelry is the imitated jewelry that is developed from artificial materials that look same to original materials used in real (fine) jewelry.

  • Fashion jewelry

This type of jewelry is more about the trends and creativity that it instills in the environment and art of fashion design, in comparison to older costume jewelry. It is more recent than costume jewelry but more creative for the recent and modern times. This can be said with surety that future holds much potential for the fashion jewelry as society looks more leaned towards it.

Five differences

There are five major differences spotted by the industry and consumers between costume jewelry and fashion jewelry.

  • Trends

The first difference between costume jewelry and fashion jewelry is the trends that they both have set in terms of fashion design for the fashion and glamour industries.

Costume jewelry is more in the public domain as compared to fashion jewelry for the better part. The public and society in general have been more influenced by the imitated costume jewelry because it can meet their daily requirements of beautification more thoroughly than the ever-changing fashion trends in jewelry and aesthetics.

  • Manufacturing/materials

Costume jewelry is mainly designed to imitate fine or real jewelry, so it is made with less precious materials than the real jewelry but still much of the bases are made with metals that are easily accessible to the industry for manufacturing. Beautification in costume jewelry is done by placing semi-precious stones and garnishes.

On the other hand, fashion jewelry is more based on plastics and paints and polishes that are mainstream throughout the manufacturing industry for production. Fashion jewelry is more artificially made with more processed materials because the main focus is on the ingenuity of the design and aesthetics for the environment.

  • Price range

Another major difference between fashion jewelry and costume jewelry is the price range that is associated with both the types. The price varies based on the materials used such as the base metals, namely silver or brass or even copper. Other price defining factor is the use of polishes and garnishes that accompany the stones and other ornaments such as gold plating and artificial stones.

  • Quality

Much difference is found in terms of quality among the two types of jewelry used by the consumers such as costume jewelry and fashion jewelry. Costume jewelry is more admired because of its quality and length of service by the consumers who prefer long life than aesthetics. While fashion jewelry is more based on current and emerging trends, so they are more glamourous and higher in design quality. Whichever the type, quality is conformance to standards and perception for costume jewelry and fashion jewelry alike.

  • Culture

The defining difference between costume jewelry and fashion jewelry is considered to be the cultural one. Urban and suburban lifestyles have been seen much dominating in terms of the design and quality and intended use that spark up the difference between costume and fashion jewelry for the better part. Also, the part of the world where the consumer belongs also make a difference between the fashion jewelry and costume jewelry. Some cultures admire costume jewelry and lament fashion jewelry and the other way around may also be possible and even some can disregard both the types and rely heavily on fine jewelry.

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