Everything You Wanted To Know About Buying and Using Grill Covers

Come summer, and it is party time for family and friends. Buying a new grill can be expensive, but there is little to beat the fun of a barbecue in your backyard. In addition to cleaning the grill after every use, you may consider purchasing a good-quality cover for your grill to protect it from getting spoilt by dust and debris, rain and snow, and even birds and rodents. However, since god grill covers are not exactly cheap, you may be disinclined to go for it. A quick discussion of the benefits of grill covers and things to consider while buying one:

Benefits of Using a Grill Cover

The most important reason for investing in a cover for your grill is to protect it from the elements. Safeguarding it from rain, snow, and high winds is the secret of keeping it going for a long time. Another advantage of a cover is that it protects your valuable grill from becoming dirty with the dust and dirt flying around. Also, grill covers prevent tree sap, pollen, bird poop, leaves, twigs, paper, plastic, garbage, etc., from getting into the grill and, thereafter, into your food. Additionally, by using grill covers, you can prevent birds and rodents from nesting inside the grill. Grill covers also protect your grill from the toxic and corrosive chemicals and fertilizers, you or your neighbors may be using when gardening. The net result of using a grill cover is that your grill says clean and instantly usable and reduces the wear and tear when left out in the open for most of the year. By regularly cleaning your grill, maintaining it, and using a cover, you can depend on your grill to give you many years of enjoyment.

The Best Material for Grill Covers                                                                           

Since the basic function of grill covers is to protect the grill from the weather, dust, and debris, as well as depredation by rodents, birds, and insects, they need to be waterproof and well-fitting. The best materials are PVC, oilcloth, polyester, and nylon. You need to buy models that have a soft inner lining, so that repeated use of the covers does not scratch the grill. You also need to be careful to clean the grill properly and ensure it is dry and cool before putting the cover on, according to Forbes magazine. Food debris remaining inside attracts rodents and insects, while a hot grill may damage the cover material and also trap moisture inside that can cause corrosion.


There is a large selection of grill covers available in the market. You have two options; you can buy a custom cover from the grill manufacturer or a generic one from third-party suppliers. While a cover supplied by the manufacturer will usually cost more, you can be assured of its quality and fit. Generic covers may not be of high quality, and it may be difficult to get one that fits snugly. While the price will play an important part in your selection, it is generally better to choose a custom cover because they last longer and offer better value for money.

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