Everything you need to know about rolling trays    

Getting a clean and seamless preparation and consumption experience can be tricky for a joint smoker. However, if you use a rolling tray, much of the hassle can be avoided. These trays can give you a smoother and clutter-free rolling experience. On top of that, if you use top-quality blunt wraps, the rolling process can become a truly pleasant pastime. Check out the Best Blunt Wraps 2022.

The rolling tray has been around for years, but its popularity has decreased in time with the arrival of many premade joints. But, thanks to the growing popularity of online stores for smoking paraphernalia, you can find various kinds of rolling trays in a smoke shop online.

The key, however, is finding the right one for your needs. Read on, to learn more about rolling trays before you make your purchase.

What is a rolling tray?

A rolling tray, as the name says, is a kind of tool used to roll joints. In particular, if you take pride in your ability to roll the perfect joint for yourself or your friends, having a rolling tray can help you take your smoking sessions to the next level. Trays make the process of rolling joints much more manageable and cleaner and reduce the wastage of your stash.

Some people might roll their weed directly over their counters or tables. But, removing weed seeds can be somewhat challenging because the process involves scooping up tiny seeds from the weed. This often results in stray weeds and dirt being tossed into your stash if you roll on an open platform.

What are the benefits of using a rolling tray?

For a convenient and effective way of rolling joints, try using rolled trays with bent edges that won’t give way under pressure or threaten to spill your precious weed while you pick it up. This allows you to enjoy every bit of your joint without worrying about ruining your clothes or getting cannabis residue on them.

Smoking enthusiasts are always looking for the highest quality cannabis without any dust particles or seeds removed completely from the buds. To achieve this, you need to have a clean surface like a roller tray to roll a joint that can be clean and maintained regularly.

How to choose a tray?

1. Size of tray

Small and medium rolling trays are most suitable as they fit on the thighs and are portable. They also fit easily into your backpack, making them great for taking on trips.

The only problem with small rolling trays is that they don’t give you enough space to roll multiple joints at once, especially if you prefer perfection. However, there are also larger trays that you can use during your group smoke sessions with friends.

2. Edge finish

A rolling tray is designed to help you roll the cannabis, so it has to be flat. But to give an easy option to throw out the dust, they are provided with a soft cut and curved edge.

When looking for a rolling tray in a smoke shop online, look for one with a curved edge that will keep your herbs in place while you roll. This will allow you to concentrate on making a nice-looking joint and not worry about spilling your marijuana as you work.

3. Place holders

The joint holder is a perfect accessory for any smoker who enjoys rolling their joints. It keeps your hand-rolled smokes safe as you prepare your smoking supplies.

If you are a perfect joint lover, rolling trays must be on your wishlist already. Even if you are a beginner, you can consider purchasing one to make your experience less messy.

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