Downloading A Huge File – Here Is How To Get It Done Fast

Downloading a huge file can be a nuisance sometimes; it is taking endless data, and the green mark doesn’t seem to cover it.

The slower it is, the more frustrated we are. Especially if we are working from home and we need that important file to continue with our work. Are you looking for a solution that will help you to download your huge files easily?

Well, there is no solution as such, but there are tips and tricks which can immediately increase your downloading speed.

In this excerpt below, we will be talking about some of the habits which could be making your processing slow and affecting your downloading speed.

Sometimes it is your internet; sometimes, it is just the way you look after your device. All factors into smooth processing of your device, oh, and a great internet speed.

So sit back, relax and let us help you out!

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What Is Causing The Problem?

Sometimes the file is huge.

The internet connection is not stable.

Sometimes it is actually your ISP.


It could just be the weather.

Whatever it is, there are some practices that can help you. Your internet and the device that you are working on are correlated. Therefore, a problem with either can cause issues for the other.

Things To Do Before You Download

Here are some of the things you can do when you are planning to download a huge file.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

The first thing you need to do is check your internet connection and ensure that you are getting enough bandwidth speed. Switch off the router for a few minutes if it has been running for too long.

These small practices will help you get your internet connection ready for the big download.

2. Get Close To The Router

Yes, the distance does matter. If you have the router connected to one end of the house, and you are downloading a huge file on the other corner, then the downloading speed will be slower.

You can either get closer to the router to get a better speed. Or you can also use a long ethernet, which will help you get an uninterrupted internet connection. However, ensure that there is no knot in the chord, as that can also cause issues.

3. Release Bandwidth Traffic

Bandwidth traffic increases if you connect too many devices with the router. If it is actually a huge file, then try to disconnect every other device from the router. Ask your family members to use their mobile phone internet for the time being.

With less congestion in the bandwidth, the download will be fairly quick.

4. Talk To ISP

Sometimes ISP can throttle the bandwidth to avoid internet congestion in the locality. If you doubt that is the issue even after upgrading to better plans recently. It is time to have a conversation with the ISP.

You might also be running on an old plan, and maybe it is time for an upgrade.

5. Do A Quick Antivirus Scan

We already mentioned that the health of your device contributes to your internet speed. When was the last time you had an antivirus scan? Your device could be filled with unwanted virus infiltration, which is causing the internet to slow down.

Get an immediate antivirus scan before you start downloading again.

6. Check Your VPN

VPNs are an excellent invention when you are protecting your online identity and practicing safe browsing. However, if you are using a free VPN, there is a possibility of that slowing your internet.

Try to switch off the VPN once and then download, but do not forget to scan the downloaded file before you launch it.

7. Close Unnecessary Tabs & Windows

Unnecessary tabs and windows are a nuisance when you are trying to download a huge file. Sometimes, we aren’t even aware of everything which is going on in the background.

Certain applications simply open in the background the moment you restart your device. Go to the application setting and change these default settings.

Now Get Downloading!

Once you have done all the above-mentioned things, we are positive that you will have a much better internet connection.

Now, you can finally download it.

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