Dirtybird Campout: When Music Festivals & Summer Camps Have a Lovechild

Hold onto your marshmallows, campers! If you’ve ever wondered what happens when the rhythmic beats of an electronic music festival dance cheek to cheek with childhood memories of summer camp, let’s introduce you to the delightful chaos known as Dirtybird Campout. I

t’s where s’mores and synths become BFFs, and you, my dear, are about to get a crash course in festival rave fashion, packing 101, and why this campout is worth every little penny (or shiny nickel).

Dirtybird’s Humble Beginnings: From Nestling to Full-Fledged Birdie

Back in the day (and we mean, way back…like, 2015), Dirtybird Records decided that music festivals needed a pinch of nostalgia and a whole lot of campy fun. Enter: Dirtybird Campout. More than just a festival, it’s a delightful hybrid of beats that make your feet move and activities that’ll take you straight back to those pre-teen summer days.

Dressing for Dirtybird: Or, How to Look Camp-Cool without Trying Too Hard

Quirky Tees and Tanks: Think shirts with cheeky sayings, your old camp baby tees, or anything with a bird on it. Because…branding.

Comfort Over Couture: You’re at a camp, darling. Ditch those stilettos. Sneakers, boots, or comfy sandals are your best pals.

Accessorize with Flair: Flash tattoos, beaded jewelry, and camp wristbands from yesteryears.

The Essential Onesie: Whether it’s a feathery bird, a bear, or an alien from outer space – onesies are both hilarious and weirdly practical for those chilly nights.

Packing for Dirtybird: Essentials, Optional, and “Why-the-Heck-Nots”

Camping Gear: This is a campout, remember? A tent, sleeping bag, and maybe a quirky flag to help your friends spot your campsite.

Eco-friendly Kit: Reusable cutlery, water bottles, and containers. Because Mother Nature wants to groove too, and she hates waste.

Snack Attack: Granola bars, chips, and some instant coffee. Energy for dancing, and caffeine for…well, waking up.

The Fun Stuff: Inflatable couch? Check. Glitter? Double-check. An old summer camp lanyard? Why not!

The Budget Breakdown: How to Fund Your Dirtybird Dreams

Tickets: They fluctuate, but expect to pay a decent amount for this all-inclusive wonderland of music and mischief.

Accommodations: Most campers tent it up, but if that’s not your jam, RV options exist (at an extra cost, of course).

Food & Drinks: Some packages might cover a meal or two, but it’s always good to have a food fund.

Activities & Extras: Want to try archery or partake in a workshop? Some might cost a tiny fee, so keep a few extra dollars handy.

Surviving and Thriving at Dirtybird Campout

Buddy System: Just like in the old camp days, buddy up! It’s safer and, let’s be honest, way more fun.

Stay Hydrated: Dance. Drink water. Repeat.

Dive into Activities: It’s not just about the music. Join that sack race, try out some arts and crafts, and heck, go for the gold in the tug-of-war!

Respect the Space: Clean up after yourself and be mindful of others. A happy camp is a clean camp.

The Sarcastic Summary

Alright, future Dirtybird camper, are you ready to dive into this musical wonderland? It’s like stepping into an alternate universe where your camp counselor might just be a DJ, and the campfire stories are all about that one time at another music festival. So, pack those bags, lace up your dancing shoes, and for goodness sake, don’t forget your sense of humor. After all, at Dirtybird Campout, the music’s hot, the activities are cool, and the fashion? Well, let’s just say it’s…distinctive. See you by the campfire, where beats meet treats, and fun is the only item on the agenda!

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