Different Types of Blankets For Everyday Use

Blankets for daily use come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials. You can choose from several different kinds of wool, silk, or synthetic material that will provide warmth, comfort, and style to you and your loved ones. If you are looking to buy a new blanket, it is helpful to know what types are available, what kinds would best fit your needs, and how much each blanket costs. This article will give some examples of the different types of blankets you will find and how they can be used. There are also several places to buy blankets for everyday use.

Different Types Of Blanket

Blankets can be made of a wide variety of materials. So different blanket material types are Wool, silk, and cotton are the most common. There is less use for wool and silk these days because they’re no longer as effective as cotton in creating a comfortable atmosphere. While cotton insulation will to some extent trap humidity inside it, creating uncomfortable dampness that’s hard to dry off from with most clothing. Here are some different types of blankets.

Down Blanket These blankets are made from the down feathers of an animal. This type of blanket is not as thick as other blankets and can be fluffed up to look like more of a comforter. This type of blanket is soft and insulating but not as warm or thick as some other types.

Fleece BlanketA fleece blanket is made of a synthetic, thermal, or natural fabric, instead of a down blanket. Some fleece blankets are synthetic, which means it has all the qualities of a down blanket, but it is made from another material. Some people prefer this because they feel it has a better feel than other synthetic materials.

Wool Blanket – A wool blanket is best for use in areas where the temperature fluctuates, such as a bedroom. They keep you warm in cold weather and cool when it’s hot outside. You can’t use them on top of your bed linens because the wool will absorb moisture and may cause mold to grow under any damp materials they’re next to. For best results, just put one over yourself before going to sleep and roll it tightly at the bottom end which will secure it around you all night long without tangling up with your sheets or other blankets. It’ll also be easier to wash since only one layer needs hand washing or popping into a sudsy machine.

Cotton Blanket –Breathable fabric that feels luxurious on your skin along with being durable, environmentally friendly, and also very affordable especially when bought from outlets or at warehouse stores like Steinmart or Costco’s Outlet stores.

Baby Blanket –Baby blankets come in a variety of colors and patterns. You can find them to match a crib or your existing baby bedding. They are soft and pliable enough to cuddle with and wear for your baby. You can get them in several sizes, including newborn, large, extra-large, and even X-large. These blankets are usually used to accompany baby sleepers or other sleeping gear. They are nice because they allow you to keep warm without adding extra bulk to your wardrobe

Thermal Blanket –A Thermal blanket is made of materials that provide thermal insulation through trapping body heat, which helps keep you warm. This type of blanket may be over one hundred percent thermal insulated, which means the blanket is virtually sealed and will stay hot to the touch even when you are using it outside. It may also be made with special designs on the shell, such as polka dots or designs that symbolize love or friendship. It may have zippers or buttons on the shell, and it can come in any color or pattern you wish.

Sheepskin Blanket –A natural warmth of lamb’s wool baffled into a cotton backing this is 100% natural breathable wool. This type of blanket drips in softness resists bacteria and it’s naturally water repellent. However, not everyone likes the smell too much which can be an issue for people with allergies to animal skin products. In addition, sheepskins do need a lot of maintenance in terms of grooming and care – but by their very nature, they are allergen resistant because they don’t carry any human allergens or leave any pet hair on furniture. 

Microfibre Blanket They keep you cold for a long time since they don’t wick your body heat away. When choosing one though, make sure the dimensions of the blanket are proportionate to what you’re using it for, or there’s no point in buying something nice since the wrong size will give you an uncomfortable experience anyways.

Crochet Blanket Finally, if you would like a unique type of blanket, you may want to look at crochet blankets. These are typically handmade with a specific theme in mind. They are quite popular, especially in households that have older children who enjoy making them. You can usually find these online and can create one for any type of child and any age.

What is a Sham and How to Style It

A sham is a small, rectangular pillow. It’s usually placed on top of the bed ends with its flat side up, then pinned in place by the top sheet. Originally they were used to keep mattresses high enough that fitted sheets would stay on them; nowadays their main function is keeping the pillows in place during sleep (and preventing you from snoring too loudly). Sham is a decorative pillowcase that gives the best look to your bed.

The traditional sham has identical decorative fabric on both sides of the pillowcase, which is typically made for quilting purposes. But some people will use a sham as an accent so it gets less use and can be switched out with something new periodically to avoid boredom or looking outdated. 


All of the different types of blankets we’ve discussed today are perfect for everyday use, but they may be better suited for certain climates or seasons. Whether you live in a cold climate year-round like Alaska or need to stay warm during the winter months like those who live near Quebec City, there is an option that will work well with your lifestyle and environment. We hope this blog post has helped answer any questions about which blanket is best for you!

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