Cure for baldness? Researchers make breakthrough with hair follicle growth

In the end, baldness may be cured within our lifetimes. That came when a group of scientists from the Japanese university Yokohama National University were able to develop fully grown hair follicles. That was the first time that hair follicles had been created in a lab.

After studying how hair follicles grow and how hair gets its color, the researchers were able to grow hair follicles in lab dishes. The research, which was published in Science Advances at the end of last month, could lead to new ways to help people who are losing their hair. They could also be involved in drug testing as well as animal testing.

What did the Japanese researchers do to grow hair follicles?

The method used by the Japanese research team was to make organoids, which are three-dimensional tissue preparations made from stem cells. The gel from these organoids was used to rewire the structures of the skin cells of mice to look like the environment of hair follicles in nature.

After being grown in a lab for 23 days, the organoids made hair follicles that were three millimeters long and fully developed. Regular growth made it possible to watch how the follicles and pigmentation changed over time, which gave new information about the chemicals used in the study.

Tatsuto Kageyama, an assistant professor in the college of engineering at Yokohama National University, said in a press release that “organoids were a promising tool for figuring out how hair follicles develop in vitro.”

After including a medication that increased melanin, the team was also able to improve the color of the hair follicles. So, the model might help us understand not only how to stimulate hair follicles, but also how to measure hair pigmentation and how well hair growth medicines work. Most significantly, it might eventually assist with hair follicle regeneration.

Why do men suffer hair loss and go bald?

Both sexes suffer from hair loss, although men more so than women. By the time they reach age 35, over 66 percent of males will have gone through some stage of hair loss. Hair loss can occur for various causes, but genetics is the main offender. The most prevalent type of alopecia hair loss, androgenetic alopecia, is most likely the cause of the current wave of male pattern baldness.

Nicole Budani, a guest on the Hairs To You podcast, estimated that androgenic alopecia affects 95% of people who experience hair loss. “In other words, if you have genetic hair loss, it may run in your family on both the mother’s and father’s sides. This is a very widespread misunderstanding. Everyone always makes this claim. Yeah, it always comes from my mother’s side. No, it may be from either side. Yet, if you do experience hair loss on one side or the other, you may inherit it genetically and continue to lose hair.

Many people have seen their confidence and self-esteem swiftly decline as a result of hair loss, while others choose to accept their balding. This is understandable because for many people, hair loss is unexpected and frequently not recognized by the individual affected. Also, contrary to popular thought, many men see their hair as a part of their identity. Men have been looking for the perfect answer to regrow their hair for years, but all they have received is empty promises or treatments that aren’t completely safe, without side effects, or that claim certain outcomes.

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A hair loss solution for men that works

While the ability to generate hair follicles in a lab represents a significant advance in the study of hair restoration, more work is still needed, particularly using human skin cells. It will probably take a few years before we see any significant advancement, as the majority of people have heard before. Yet there’s no denying that it’s a positive start in the right direction.

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