Creative Writing vs. Content Writing

“Writing is the best way to talk without being interrupted”.

-Jules Renard

Writing is an art which helps you to express and explain your ideas to yourself as well as to others while preserving your personal experiences and memories.  It gives you the power to write about anything and everything like blog posts, scripts for videos, a childhood memory or your favorite person etc.  

The above illustrations can be classified into creative and content writing.  To begin with, creative writing is more on the creative side and read for enjoyment, whether it’s in the form of non-fiction, poetry, novels etc.  However, content writing lays down clear-cut set of rules and requirements and is written to achieve a particular purpose and goal. 

Let us attempt to understand the difference between content and creative writing to help us determine the writing type we are best suited for.

  • Writing objective:

As indicated, while creative writing is intended to both entertain and share human experience, like love or loss, content writing helps businesses to attract leads, establish positive rapport with their audience, ultimately pushing them down the sales channel.

  • Writing forms: 

While creative writing assumes forms of online sites, novels and e-books, content writing material can be viewed online, from blogs, copywriting, social media posts, emails and many more.

  • Writing style:

Creative writing primarily draws on the imagination to convey meaning through the lavish use of symbolism, portrayal, and drama. On the contrary, content writing is to the point and avoids exaggeration.  You should always remember your audience and keep the content simple in terms of words. 

  • Degree of literary freedom: 

Creative writing enjoys a greater deal of flexibility and freedom when it comes to the tonality you embrace when you start writing.  However, content writing calls for sticking to a well-defined framework and the tone and is determined by the objective that drives the writing.

  • Deadlines for submission: 

While you have the luxury of time in creative writing and can spend days eyeballing and editing it, when it comes to content writing, time is the essence. You may have to dish out an article at the drop of a hat.  Hence, ability to deliver quickly becomes imperative.

In current times, online writing classes is a boon for beginners learning to write. It is believed that you can be good at writing if you are disciplined, have the eye for details, strong vocabulary and above all a passion for reading.  So sit back and use this time to not just learn. But also read books of different genre so that while writing is your basic nature, you can nurture it by following the above tips.

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