Commonly Asked Questions About Zirconia Teeth

When someone loses a tooth due to an accident or decay, it is advisable to have the tooth replaced as soon as you can. Your quality of life can be immensely affected after losing a tooth as it limits the foods you can take. Therefore, dentures and, even more so, dental implants are a good option. The new set of artificial teeth is usually made from titanium and zirconia. Let’s look at some of the questions asked about zirconia teeth;

1. What Makes Zirconia a Viable Option?

Zirconia is used in making the crown of the artificial tooth. It’s the most preferred teeth material because it closely mimics natural teeth, especially appearance. Zirconia is approved for use by the FDA. It is hard to tell the difference between natural teeth and zirconia teeth which makes them popular with patients and dentists alike.

2. How Durable are Zirconia Teeth?

Apart from appearance, the other reason zirconia crowns are most recommended is their strength and subsequent durability. By following the instructions provided by a dental implant specialist, zirconia teeth will last for close to twenty years without needing a replacement. The strength of this material makes it hard for the tooth to break or wear down and can even last a lifetime. An ‘Invisalign Near Me’ search will direct you to a dentist that can further explain the durability of such teeth.

3. Are Zirconia Teeth a Health Risk?

This is a common question for people considering a zirconia crown dental implant. Zirconia crowns are hypoallergenic, meaning they do not cause any allergic reactions to the patient, especially when compared to metal implants. Like the radiation in water, the radiation traces found in zirconia are not dangerous, as approved by the American Dentist Association. You can rest assured that zirconia is not toxic and is wholly safe for use. Zirconia is biocompatible and bioinert; thus will not trigger an immunologic reaction.

4. Does Zirconia Alter The Taste of Food?

Owing to the odorless and flavorless nature of the zirconia teeth, you will not experience a difference in how your food tastes. If anything, the lack of palate at the roof of your mouth, as with dentures, helps you taste food as you naturally would after zirconia dental implants. An Invisalign Near Me can address your concerns.

5. Do Zirconia Implants Smell or Stain?

No, the zirconia crown does not have a smell. The only time a smell will emanate from an implant is if the gun is infected, in which case the dentist will take care of it. Infections after implantation can be linked to a loose-fitting crown. When compared to ceramic crowns, zirconia teeth are less prone to staining. However, you should adhere to the rules of proper care as advised by your dentist. Over time foods and drinks such as wine, coffee and curry may stain the teeth thus should be taken in moderation. Also, the structure of zirconia is non-polar, making the teeth less likely to promote growth and adherence of bacteria and subsequent plaque.

6. What is the Compatibility of Zirconia Teeth?

Since their inception and first use in2005, Zirconia has been seen as highly compatible with natural teeth. The non-metallic nature of the zirconia implant translates to less heat conduction, thus promoting faster healing. The fusing of the implant with the gum is referred to as osseointegration. Research shows that zirconia has higher chances of smooth integration. The implant specialist at the Invisalign Near Me will be able to offer you molds of the teeth to expect.

7. Do Zirconia Teeth Need Special Aftercare?

To ensure that your new teeth last even longer, dentists suggest that you use a brush with soft bristles and toothpaste that is not abrasive. As your gums are healing, it is advised that you abstain from smoking and eat soft foods to promote a shorter healing time. Other dental hygiene practices such as flossing and mouth wash are highly encouraged. Clenching your jaw and teeth is highly discouraged.

Zirconia teeth are effective in tooth replacement and offer many advantages. You can bring up any concerns about zirconia teeth during the initial consultation with the dentist. The very nature of the zirconia makes it an excellent fit for people of all ages.

Author name- Mila Torres

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