Visa is a very important document you need to travel from one country to another. It is as important as the International Passport. The Visa is usually stuck on the Passport and contains details like; name, pictures and the number of days allowed to stay in a specific country.

It is express permission to enter another country that is given by the country you are interested in entering. There are different types of visas depending on the reason for travel. They are: tourist visas for tourists; transit visa for persons passing through a country enroute another; medical visas for medical tourism; student visas for students seeking to study in another country; work visa; family reunification visa for spouses to reunite; refuge or asylum visa for persons seeking asylum in another country; digital nomad visas, retirement visas; pilgrimage visas and working holiday visas.

They all have different stay duration and help the country of entry to document everyone coming into the country. Therefore, you need to satisfy the country of entry that you meet their entry requirements before visa is granted to you. In some regions like Europe and West Africa, you don’t need to have a visa to enter countries of member states, just like you do not need permission to visit casino online australia. That of West Africa is limited to 90 days.

It is not unheard of that after visa application, payment of fees and interviews, a lot of people get denied travel visas. Here are some of the common reasons.

Passport Validity

Most countries require your passport is at least 3 to 6 months valid. Some countries begin counting the validity period before you enter the country. Others start from the period you are expected to be in the country.

Criminal Records

Countries like the US and Canada will grant a criminal waiver for criminal records and they are the exceptions. Many countries do not grant visas when there is a criminal record

Passport Blank Pages

Blank pages are important on the passport for the purpose of stamping. Different countries have their policies on at least how many blank pages should be on the passport at the time of applying for a visa. The majority of countries have the two or four blank pages policy.

Travel Ban

If the government of a country declares a person “persona non grata” that person cannot gain access to the country until the decision is reversed. The government of any country will be well within their powers if they make that declaration. You can enjoy a travel bonus if you use online casino usa to make more money.

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