Common online slots myths busted

When it comes to playing our favourite online slot games, there will always be rumours, myths, and facts that get scrambled up so much that it can be hard to differentiate between what is real and what is community fiction – play Cracker Bingo.

Whether it be an online slot game myth regarding when you pull down the fateful lever or certain secret games that will always pay out players whose birthday it is, the internet is absolutely loaded with stories that excite slot punters from small fry to high roller.

We are here, as always, to give you a helping hand in deciding what online slot myths are true, and which ones need to be busted. Once you know the facts from the fiction then you will know where to go to get your kicks and what not to do on the online casino scene! If you want to find the best online casinos, you can go here.

What are the most common online slots myths?

You might even pioneer a few of these myths and use them in your online slot gaming mantra. Unfortunately, myths are myths because they are not true, and believing them will only leave your slot gaming career in the red!

We have come to clue you into the common online slots myths that need busting so that you can carry on and start winning the real dough:

  1.       The more you pay, the higher your chances are of winning – This is the most famous slot myth that we are going to completely bust! Online slot game odds do not tend to vary depending on the amount you spend. What a relief, now you can play slot games without going all in!
  2.       Pulling the lever at certain times releases the payout – This fun myth probably comes from a few lucky players who swear by it. The idea is that if you pull down the lever when all the lights pop up then you are guaranteed a certain win. Unfortunately to those slot gamers, this myth is busted!
  3.       Slot games are seasonal in their payouts – Igamers can often believe that slot games are more likely to pay out on certain days of the week and at certain times of the year. Although this might be a good tactic to limiting the amount of time you spend playing slots, it is, unfortunately, a big myth.

Should you listen to the online slot game myths or ignore them?

Whilst it may seem counterintuitive to listen to the slot game myths, some world-class igamers will know that there can be a good reason to listen to the myths.

If you are on the fence then you need to check out our pros and cons of listening to slot game myths:

Bust the Myths Listen to the Myths
They are misleading and often untrue Every so often, the slot myth is true… so get there before anyone else does
The online slot is too simple to make confusing It can enhance the fun of the game if you know the secret tricks
Online slot myths could lead you to lose money! Don’t let the igaming naysayers get you down


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