Common Energy Saving Mistakes

Having to spend even five minutes without electricity is an unimaginable idea for people. We all have got so dependent on electricity that all our daily processes are dependent on it.

From running fans and AC’s to working on laptops and computers, you need electricity. However, not using electricity properly may lead to extra usage and an exorbitant power bill.

Here we mention a few common energy-saving mistakes most people make.

Ignoring the power leaks 

You should have to check if your house or business electricity is suffering from leakages. To do that, switch off the mains. Now go and check if the meter is moving or not. If the meter is still running, it could be that the meter is incorrectly connected.

After this, you should switch off the appliances and put the mains on. If the meter still moves, it could be faulty wiring, something you need to fix. Always pick up the best power plan, and the Utility bidder will help you do just that.

Usage of hot water for washing clothes

If you have the habit of using hot water to wash clothes in the machine, you would be overspending on power. This is because the geyser or water heater uses more energy than you can ever imagine.

Even if you wash the clothes manually, the fact that you are using hot water will add to your power expenses. So, always use cold water as that would also do your job well.

Not cleaning the air filters

 An inefficient HVAC system could be another reason why your energy bills are going so high. This is more so when the weather is either extremely hot or cold. Mainly this situation arises due to dirty air filters, which trap all the dirt, dust, lint, pollen, and other pollutants.

To provide the best results, the HVAC system works harder, and your power bills show a drastic hike. Inefficiency is also caused by malfunctions due to damage. It’s best to consult with a professional from hvac repair Las Vegas to troubleshoot your HVAC systems and conduct cleaning or repairs if necessary.

Improper position of the refrigerator

Amongst all the appliances, the fridge uses a lot of power. For better power efficiency, see that you place your fridge at least 2 inches away from the wall, as doing that helps improve the air circulation around it. Also, if your fridge is exposed to sunlight directly, that could use more power.

Paying money for standby power 

This is a prevalent mistake that most people commit. If you have switched off the TV, make sure that you have switched it off from the main point as well. By not doing that, you are paying for the stand-by power you are using.

Overcharging your devices

Sometimes we leave our devices to charge and forget it. Even though the phone charge is completed, the power strip keeps transferring power to the device. This is the sheer wastage of energy, and you should avoid it altogether.

After you put your device to charge, check after regular intervals and take out your phone or laptop once it is done. Overcharging the phone is not suitable for your phone either.

Not using any energy-efficient appliances

 Often, we misunderstand the need to use energy-efficient appliances. However, the presence of such devices can reduce your power costs considerably. Most of the appliances these days come with energy ratings.

They specify how much power you can save after using that device. The higher the rating of your appliance, the better it is to save power for you.

Inability to check heat leaks

We operate a heater in winter but forget to check if the room is sealed. For example, there are windows, doors, and crevices through which cold air keeps coming in. This means that the heater’s power is getting wasted as it has to work harder to provide warmth. Before starting the heater or AC, minimize the places from your room that can lead to its leakage.

Using traditional bulbs

 People use traditional bulbs without knowing that they consume more power than others. You should replace them with other better alternatives like CFL and LED. These bulbs use 25 to 80 % less electricity.

Also, they last 3 to 25 times more than an average bulb. By adopting them, you are actually bringing a significant change to your power bills. However, these energy-efficient bulbs may be expensive. But when you compare them with their long life, the cost does not matter much.


 It is very easy to go overboard with power consumption. However, when the power bills come, the consumers feel confused. In most cases, it makes sense to use an electric bill estimator and the above tips to keep your power consumption under limits.

Even if one person in the family falters, the whole purpose of this exercise would be wasted. Also, try and use energy-efficient appliances as they are the best way to reduce extra consumption.

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