7 useful tips for clearing CCBA/CBAP in the first attempt.

CCBA and CBAP are the best courses that one can do in current generations. It is conducive for your career and by doing this course you have a very high chance of getting a job in your desire company. CBAP, a certified business analysis professional, is a professional certification for the business analysts program. If you want to achieve this particular certificate, you have to get the intensive experience of almost 7500 hours. Not only that, you will have to clear the IIBA examination in all the criteria which the IIBA sets. This certification is crucial if you are planning to do the job in some business organization. The most important thing that will matter during the course is your complete experience and preparation for this examination.

7tips to clear it-

So here are the total seven tips through which you can quickly clear CCBA/CBAP in the first attempt itself.

  1. Knowing the difference- If you are willing to complete the CCBA Certification program on the first attempt, you have to know the difference between knowledge-based and competency-based. Taking about the knowledge-based certifications, it mainly focuses on the present content and the whole learning objective. For example, if one person has studied the entire material provided to him to clear the examination. The competency-based mainly focuses on the outcomes, performance, and skills it consists of for benefits. For example, you are provided with a case study; if you have the skills and the thinking performance, you can quickly clear that.
  2. Reading books– Here, I’m not talking about the usual books; I’m talking specifically about BABOK, which is very important if you only want to clear CCBA in the first attempt. If you have read the book 5-6 times, it won’t help you out in the exam unless you have understood the whole concept. The moment you register for the CBAP examinations, you will be explained how to read the BABOK properly.
  3. Classroom training- Classroom training is very much essential to understand the whole concept in a proper manner. If you cannot understand what is written in BABOK, then you can take the classroom training provided for the candidates. Classroom teaching is more effective because the mentor will clear all your doubts if you encounter difficulty understanding the concept.
  4. Don’t be overconfident– Many candidates with years of experience fail in the final examination. If you are attempting a question, the best option is to read the question correctly and answer the question accordingly. Being overconfident will generally lead you towards your failure.
  5. Practice- If you regularly do the practice, the chances of your selection would increase. Once you have read the whole BABOK, the best thing is to give mock tests to help you out. By giving the mock test, you will get a rough idea about the questions you will face in the examination, and if you have not prepared well, you will be able to do much better.
  6. Perform a statistical analysis- Once you do some of the case studies, you will have more experience solving the problems you will face in the examinations. The best thing is that you should do more case studies to learn how to complete the trial.
  7. Memory power- Once you have applied for the examination, you will get some rough 15 minutes. Hence, you have to be calm at that particular time and not think about anything apart from the analyses. By staying calm, you can memorize all the things you have studied, and eventually, you can answer the questions correctly.


If you want to complete CCBA in the first attempt itself and if you’re going to get the job in your desired company, then you will have to follow all the seven steps which are written. The whole 7 step is a must and will help you out if you plan to complete it in the 1st attempt.

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