Choose a Throw: The best Blankets and Quilts to keep the Chills at Bay

Winter comes and it is a magical time to sit around the home in pajama pants and looking out the windows at the cold winter mornings, with the occasional light drizzle, sipping on the much-needed hot coffee or hot chocolate, and snuggling up watching movies or reading books.

It surely is the perfect time of the year to celebrate and enjoy the coziness and warmth that we run away from most of the year, especially in the tropics such as India. Blankets and quilts online sales rake up as more and more people prepare their homes for winter and the cold monsoons.

Sweaters, hoodies, and sweatpants come back in fashion and it is hard to ignore those chilly nights that demand a cozy overall and a warm comforter or duvet that can help keep the chills at bay. Some winter essentials can never go out of style and some are bare necessities that have to be met each year – such as Blankets and Quilts.

Although in most households, the same blankets and quilts are reused for many years, experts advise changing the blankets and quilts at least once in a few years as they can accumulate a lot of germs in the cold weather and with the lack of sunlight, air, and regular washing.

Blankets and thicker quilts can hardly ever be cleaned thoroughly, due to their thick and difficult to penetrate texture. Moist quilts and blankets can further attract germs and bugs and may even smell odd in the damp and gloomy weather.

This is one of the main reasons why blankets and quilts should not be used for an extended period of time and must be changed once in a few years. One can find attractive and innovative styles of blankets and quilts online as there are plenty of options on the internet limiting users not only to quilts but an assortment of fabric types and various categories of quilts in the market.

Types of Blankets

Blankets as such are of numerous types but they can be major of two types – for single use and for family use or more appropriately, for lighter weather and for colder weather. Below are the two major types of blankets in the market:

  1. Throw Blankets

A throw blanket is one of the most used types of blanket that is suitable for one person – but is less popular in the middle east and southeast countries. This kind of blanket is very popular in the west and eastern countries where more people live alone and have colder weather throughout the year. A throw blanket is usually made thin with versatile material such as cotton and fleece and uses a knitted fabric type. It can easily be “thrown around” by one’s self doing the simplest activities in the house such as watching TV and napping on the couch and is perfect for countries that have low temperatures throughout the year. They are less practical for actual protection from cold weather and are more suited to cover up on a mild winter day.

  1. Traditional Cotton Blankets

A traditional cotton blanket on the other hand is much thicker and is more suited for a family or a couple and can protect from chills in winters. It is made from cotton and is super soft and hypoallergenic which makes it perfect for winter use. They are easy to clean despite their size and usefulness.

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