Chelsea’s new owners must continue to be competitive

The final Champions League game of the Roman Abramovich era was symptomatic of the club in the last 19 years. An average team, bankrolled by a billionaire and mixing it with the more traditional teams in Europe, and becoming one of the elite teams in such a short period. Chelsea’s win at the Santiago Bernabeu was worthy of defending champions, going out of the tournament in the best way possible and reminding everyone why they deserve to eat at the same table as the rest of Europe’s biggest teams.

10 minutes was what remained for Chelsea to complete one of Europe’s biggest comebacks, but they ultimately fell short. The big question is, will they be here next season? Will it be a case of it being good while it lasted, or the fairytale will still continue? Users of best usa real money online casinos have the right answer. Chelsea are currently facing uncertainty after the owner, Roman Abramovich was sanctioned by the UK government, leaving the club facing the prospect of losing a number of top stars and even their brilliant and charismatic manager, Tuchel.

Although The Blues are in the midst of a sale, Chelsea’s supporters must be worried about how their darling team would continue to be successful. The new owners must continue to maintain the standards at the club and create an environment that will keep players and managers on their toes and maintain an insatiable thirst for success. That will be hard. Abramovich became a Chelsea fan, and ran it from that perspective. He was mainly not about the profits, but the new owners would, and that would be their main focus.

Chelsea’s youth system has been their major cash-cow, while they don’t generate enough from transfer fees from established players, while gate receipts is hampered by a small Stamford Bridge. The new owners must balance fans’ expectations of being successful and making profits. The fans of the West London outfit have come to count trophies as a yardstick for success, and it will be hard to replicate what they have done in the last 20 years, but not impossible.

It might take time but Chelsea’s new owners must be strategic. They must focus on buying young players in the world with massive potential, a couple of established world-class footballers and also integrate the success of their academy players. In the boardroom, they must also be shrewd, have a proper wage structure, find sponsors and have a plan to redevelop Stamford Bridge in the shortest time possible. The coach must also be given time to implement his ideas and work over a long period of time, like Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola at Liverpool and Manchester City.

Chelsea have become a truly elite club and the owners must find a way for that to remain so. Their fans will not forgive them if the opposite is the case. However, the odds at are still in their favor.

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