Ceramic Planters- The best choice for houseplants

Beautiful plants deserve an eye-catching pot. Isn’t it? As you know, home-based gardening and home planters are taking the world by storm; everybody is looking for ways to add a nature’s touch to their place. But the debate on what kind of planters to use for keeping plants is long-standing. Some people go for a wholesale ceramic planter, while others prefer plastic pots or terra-cotta. Though each planter type has its pros and cons, ceramic makes up the best choice for indoor as well as outdoor plants. They are versatile and can be used as a decorative feature to complement your existing decor.  If you are also planning to surround your house with beautiful plants, a ceramic planter would be a great all-around choice for you.

Ceramic planters are available in two varieties:

  • Glazed: Glazed ceramic pots are the ones that have been sealed with a coat of lacquer to prevent soil from drying out. Thus, they are ideal for plants that require high moisture in the soil to survive, such as Boston ferns, Spider plants, and Baby tears.
  • Unglazed: As the name suggests, these are ceramic pots without lacquer seals. These pots allow the water and air to wick through the sides and hence provide natural aeration to stimulate the healthy growth of the plants. So if you have plants like Foxtail lilies, sedums, and bearded iris that thrive in dry soils, unglazed ceramic planters will be good for you.

If you haven’t ever bought a ceramic pot for your garden, this article is for you. Read on and understand the benefits of having one.

Benefits of ceramic planters

Countless designs to choose from

Literally! Ceramic planters are available in various sizes, designs, shapes, and colours. So you can make your selection depending on what you are going to plant and where you will place it. Suppose you buy the planter for your indoor plants you would want it to complement your decor. There is a dearth of designs and options to choose from when it comes to ceramic pots.

Provides sufficient moisture and air to your plants

What do plants need to survive? Adequate moisture and air. Right? You don’t need to worry about these two things with ceramic pots. Most ceramic planters are porous, and even though they are glazed, they facilitate the flow of air and humidity through the plants. However, they trap fertilizers and moisture in the soil for healthier plant growth.


Another reason behind the popularity of ceramic plants is their durability and self-life. You will never see a ceramic pot Getty rusty and breaking into pieces over time. These pots are heavy, so there is little chance of breakage and leakage through these versatile planters. Plus, they are unaffected by the gazing sun and can hold big plants, so you can use them for your outdoors and accentuate your garden area as you envisioned.

Protects your plants from the temperature drop

Most importantly, ceramic pots are not just beautiful; they are functional and eco-friendly too. As discussed, they have thick, sturdy walls, making them durable. They also safeguard the plants from sudden temperature drops. Yes! Your plants will not absorb excessive heat in the summers, as is the case with plants placed in other types of planters. Besides this, these pots also trap moisture within the soil on hot sunny days.

Now that you have read the benefits of ceramic pots, you must be enticed to get a wholesale ceramic planter. If so, you don’t need to wander around. You can get the best-quality ceramic planter at the best price online. Just browse through the extensive collection of planters available in online stores, pick your most favourite and place an order.

Author: Hannah Gilbert

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