Capri for Girls: All you need to Know

Capri for Girls is pant-length trousers that fit snugly at the hips and knees, usually with wide legs. They are often made of very light fabric, such as cotton or linen. The term comes from an Italian island off the coast of Naples, where they were first designed in 1954 by American fashion designer Ralph Lauren.

What is a Capri?

A Capri is a type of pants that can be used independently without tights or leggings in warmer weather because it is a lightweight and thin fabric. Capris are straightforward to wear, comfortable, and easy to transition your entire look from work to play.

Because its comfortable and stretchy fabric makes it perfect for wearing anywhere, you can wear capris at work, in a clubbing setting, for date night, on the beach and wherever else you want. However, what’s not so fun about them is that they tend to be see-through, so you’ll probably need something over it.

Capris can be worn with flats or heels, so whatever your choice is, make sure it’s comfortable for you.

You can wear it alone or pair it with a cute crop top, sashay around the town, and boss around at the office.

How to Style your Capri?

There are many other ways to style your capris:

  • Cotton stripy half crop for the summer.
  • High waisted long trousers and cropped top combo.
  • Get some killer heels and show off that leg in full-length capri pants while wearing a mini dress/skirt combo out on the town.
  • You can get creative and wear your capris with a collar and crop top.
  • Wear some shorts with an over the knee sock.

Types of Capris

  • Skinny fit, tight waist, and slim legs all around.
  • Mid-rise cropped and cropped leg.
  • Capris with a slouchy fit, round and wide legs.
  • Long capri pants.
  • Capri shorts.
  • High waisted capri pants that sit high on the waistline.
  • Short capris that sit just above the knee or mid-calf length capris.


  1. Lightweight and easy to pair with anything
  2. Great for summer because they are so breezy.
  3. Pair with heels or flats, or even a crop or shirt, and you’re out!
  4. Capris can be great for casual and dressy occasions, depending on the event and what you have access to in your closet.
  5. Capris are an excellent way to add some flare to your wardrobe.


Capris pants are perfect for travelling because they can easily be rolled up, packed, and put in a medium-sized bag when you’re on the go. Capris are also great for summer because they’re so breezy. If you’re not sure what capris to get, it depends on your style and body type. If you like to wear tight things, skinny capris are best. If you want loose stuff, bootleg capris are best for you.  And if you like to be a little on the straight and narrow, capris are great.

Capris are a great pair of pants to have in your closet because they are so light and breezy. Capris can be worn with anything from tulips to heels, and they can really spice up an outfit.

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